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Top 5 Spring Curb Appeal Projects

Spring is here and we are ready to be outside!

Spring is almost here and we are all looking forward to spending more time outside.  You can definitely expect to see more neighbors taking strolls around the neighborhood and working in their yards.

Here are 5 quick and easy DIY projects that can help add curb appeal to the front of your home:

Tip One: Adore your Door!

Spring is a great time to paint your front door.  It's not super hot outside, so you can leave your door open for a few hours to give it time to dry.  The front door is the first thing people notice when they walk up to your house. 

Consider what you want people to think as they are coming over for a visit.  Are you an outgoing person with a bubbly personality, or are you more serious and down to earth?  Let your front door give people some insight into you and your home before they even step inside.  


  • Be sure to purchase a quick dry semi-gloss latex paint for your front door. 
  • If you are considering painting a dark color, be prepared to paint at least two coats if not more. 
  • Use a paint brush and work quick for easy and thorough coverage. 
  • Also, take the time to use painter's tape to protect any glass and door knobs from getting paint on them. 
  • And yes, you will need to remove the tape after every coat and reapply new tape.

Tip Two: Dress Up Your Address

Consider changing out your house numbers.  You wouldn't think it makes a big difference, but it really does.  The style of font you chose can make your home feel more modern or more traditional.  

Make sure your new house numbers are easily visible from the street. 

This isn't just for the Amazon Prime drivers, but also for emergency personnel.  A lot of people don't realize how difficult their street numbers are to find.  

Tip Three: Roll Out The Welcome Mat.

Another inexpensive and easy way to bring some attention to your front entry is by adding or changing your exterior door mat. 

Over time, door mats start to show wear and tear.  Some even lose all of their coloring.  Spring is the perfect time to find, replace, and refresh. 

The door mat is another great place to show a bit of your personality.  If you are dog lover, one with cute paw prints lets people know they may be entering a house with pets.  Or if you like a simple greeting, a door mat that says, "Welcome" is timeless.

Tip Four: Light The Way.

With more daylight hours, now is a great time to consider getting some solar garden path lights to brighten up those walkways leading up to your home.  They are fairly inexpensive and can make a big difference helping light the way for friends and family coming to visit in the evenings.

The other advantage to solar powered garden lights is they are easy and quick to install.   Just make sure you read how far apart they need to be placed and measure the distance you are trying to cover to make sure you purchase the appropriate number.

Tip Five: Bloom Where You Are Planted.

And lastly, consider adding a few potted plants around your front entryway area.  Plants may not be for everyone, but the knowledgeable staff at your local hardware or home improvement store can point you in the right direction.


Before buying pots and plants, consider which side of the house your front entrance is facing.  Is it under a porch and shaded for most of the day?  Even if you love bright colorful flowers, if your entrance is north facing, there will not be enough day light to keep them thriving. 

However, there are some great shade loving plants, like begonias that might work well.  And the advantage to a shady spot is that your plants won't need to be watered as often.

Consider whether you want to do multiple pots/plants or one large planter that has a variety of plants planted within it.  Remember, if you are doing multiple pots, that odds are better than evens.  If you like the look of one large planter, remember to make sure all of your plants require the same amount of light and watering.  



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