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Close up of bright yellow siding house with a red orange trim around a window.

Is It Possible to Paint Exterior PVC Trim? Your Questions Answered

If you're looking to paint a PVC trim, it's important to be prepared. For a complete guide on how to paint PVC trims and the mistakes to avoid, read more here.
Painter on a small ladder with a roller and extension handle painting oddly shaped wall

Why Painting Trim the Same Color as the Walls can be a Great Idea

Painting trim the same color as the walls isn't a bad thing at all--in fact, it's a classy, elegant look that more people are interested in.
Hammer and wrench with measuring tape on wall in background

How to Fix Nail Holes in Walls Without Painting

How do you fix nail holes in walls without painting? We've got the solution for you - read on to learn more about this quick fix.