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How to Clean Cowhide Rug: Expert Tips & Tricks

How to Clean Cowhide Rug: Expert Tips & Tricks

Master the art of maintaining your cowhide rug's natural beauty with our comprehensive guide on cleaning and care. From swift action on liquid spills to the nuances of deep steam cleaning, discover expert tips to keep your rug pristine. Eucalyptus oil, the right vacuuming technique, and understanding the rug's fibers play crucial roles in ensuring longevity. Dive in to preserve the allure of your cowhide rug for years.
pvc paint melissa vickers design

Mastering PVC Paint: Tips for Perfect Adhesion

When tackling a PVC paint project, it's essential to start on the right foot. PVC, being inherently slick, can be challenging to paint. The secret lies in prepping the surface and using the right tools. A clean PVC surface, free from dust and contaminants, is your starting point. Sanding, either manually or with an electric sander, creates a receptive canvas for the paint. Water-resistant paints, especially those like Krylon Fusion, are tailor-made for such tasks. Remember, patience is crucial. Thin paint layers, allowed to dry properly, yield the best results. With the correct approach, your PVC can showcase a vibrant, lasting finish that stands out.
How to Fix a Hole in the Wall melissa vickers design

How to Fix a Hole in the Wall: A Quick Guide

Learning how to fix a hole in the wall is a must-have skill for homeowners. From minor nicks to larger gashes, our comprehensive guide provides easy-to-follow steps using essential tools like drywall screws, adhesive mesh patches, and joint compound. Whether you're dealing with small punctures or more significant damages, restore your wall's pristine condition with our expert tips. Dive in and make wall imperfections a thing of the past!
fabric paint melissa vickers design

Mastering Fabric Paint: Tips, Tricks & Techniques

Fabric paint is the artist's secret to transforming ordinary textiles into unique masterpieces. Whether it's rejuvenating old clothing, adding flair to upholstery, or crafting eye-catching designs, the versatility of fabric paint caters to both novices and professionals. Dive into the colorful world of fabric painting and discover tips, techniques, and the best products to elevate your next project.
West Elm vs Pottery Barn

West Elm vs Pottery Barn

Explore the intricate world of home furnishings as we pit West Elm against Pottery Barn in a comprehensive guide. From their historical roots to design aesthetics, quality, pricing, and sustainability efforts, we provide a side-by-side comparison to help you make informed decisions for your home. Dive into the nuances of modern urban designs versus timeless classics. Whether you're outfitting a chic city loft or a cozy countryside home, our detailed analysis illuminates the strengths and offerings of both iconic brands. Discover which aligns best with your decor aspirations and values today.

Herman Miller Chairs: A Quick Guide

Herman Miller Chairs: A Quick Guide

Herman Miller's Aeron Chair: An Epitome of Ergonomic Excellence

The Aeron Chair, an iconic creation from Herman Miller, represents a paradigm shift in office seating. Launched in the 1990s and designed by the brilliant minds of Don Chadwick and Bill Stumpf, it transcends mere aesthetics. The chair, with its unique Pellicle mesh fabric, offers unparalleled breathability and weight distribution. Every curve, tilt, and material choice is the culmination of exhaustive research into human posture and movement. Aeron is not just a chair; it's a testament to Herman Miller's vision of seamlessly integrating design, comfort, and well-being. For many, Aeron is not just about sitting; it's about experiencing ergonomic brilliance every day.

Various parts and pieces of a doorknob laying on a wood table.

How to Replace a Doorknob

How to Replace a Doorknob - A Real Person’s Step by Step Guide When you are trying to freshen up the look of a house, it is amazing the difference...
White and teal wall with a framed photo of a chicken drawn by a child.

How to Display Your Child's Art

Creative ways to display your children’s art Parents of young kids know the drill… almost daily your little one(s) are bringing their new artistic ...
A small white llama plant holder with a small green plant in it.

My Top 5 Easy Houseplants

Easy Indoor Plants Indoor plants are definitely on trend right now, and for good reason! Plants not only bring color and life to a room, but they ...
Area rug that is mainly brown with some black accents.

Loloi II Layla Lay 03 Olive Charcoal Rug

The Loloi II Layla Lay 03 Olive Charcoal Rug is one smart addition to your home decor! What makes it so special? Get all of the specifications here.
loloi rowan ash rug in well designed modern living room with tan leather couch.

A Complete Guide to Decorating With the Loloi Rowan Row 01 MH Ash Rug

Designed by Joanna Gaines, the Loloi Rowan Row 01 MH Ash Rug lends a touch of elegant class to any home. See this complete guide to the Rowan Row 01 MH Ash rug.
loloi terracotta sky rug edge on hardwood floor showing both color and edge finish detail.

The Loloi Skye Rug in Terracotta: Perfect Interior Flooring Solution

Discover why the Loloi Skye rug in terracotta is the best choice for almost any room in the house. All your Loloi Skye rug in terracotta FAQs answered here.