icon Where Is West Elm Located?

Where Is West Elm Located?

West Elm has experienced remarkable growth over the last twelve years, from small catalog business to billion-dollar global brand. Their staggering expansion required an innovative corporate headquarters that showcased both their design ethos and Brooklyn roots; VMAD rose to this challenge and collaborated closely with West Elm's team in crafting an office space which seamlessly blended in to their historic Empire Stores warehouse complex location.

At its center lies Empire Stores - part of Brooklyn Bridge Park's cultural complex along the East River - home to 300 in-house designers, merchants and planners. Additionally, Workspace's showroom serves as its new headquarters - designed to embody their core tenets of choice, community and consciousness.

To unite office spaces and accentuate the building's extraordinary historic fabric, cuts were made in interior schist walls to allow natural light into the office environment, making a previously dark warehouse feel spacious yet cozy.

To enhance the original warehouse's high contrast concept of heavy timber and abundant brick, VMAD developed a high contrast finish scheme with carefully chosen elemental metals like blackened steel, copper and antique brass as well as concrete floors, white walls and walnut paneling to create a sophisticated yet timeless office more reminiscent of an art gallery than typical corporate workspace. Their final result perfectly represents both West Elm's brand, its design partners' expertise, and their shared vision for its future success.

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