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About Me

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Hi everyone, thanks for visiting  this page.  I always look for the “about me” section of a website because I’m always curious to know more about the person who created the site. I am so grateful that you stopped by to learn more about me and my website.

The Only Thing Constant Is Change

Within the last year, me and my family made a move from North Carolina to Valencia, Spain.  It was a daunting move but one that we approached with a lot of enthusiasm and optimism.  We felt the need for change stirring in the early part of 2022, but it didn’t take root until we spent time vacationing in Spain in May of that year.  With the move, there have been lots of personal and professional changes for me.

When we lived in North Carolina, I focused on growing my residential interior design business within the Winston-Salem and Triad area.  I have a background in both commercial and residential interior design, but really have enjoyed working with individuals to create comfortable spaces within their homes over the course of the last few years.  I also had a thriving sewing business and was able to work from home making a variety of things including pillows, handbags, blankets, decorative accessories, and more. 

Design + Art = Happy

Since moving to Spain, I have refocused and pivoted to other creative outlets.  While interior design is a thing here in Spain, it’s very different profession than in the United States for a lot of reasons.  I thought that I was going to pursue a master’s in interior design at a local design school.  However,  I have decided not to go that route for now, giving myself time to explore whether  I want to work as an interior designer in Spain. 

What I have found is endless amounts of creative inspiration walking through the streets of this city and other parts of Europe.  I started taking oil painting classes with a local artist and have found that to be amazingly enjoyable.  I recently completed a large Bolivian-inspired embroidery project that I started over a year ago.  And I am looking forward to combining my love of textiles and painting to create a style of art I can call my own. 

Come Back Soon!

This website is a place to weave together my love of art and design, share pieces of daily life here in Valencia, as well as information and cool things we see and do along the way.  So come back often to see what’s new.