icon Is West Elm an Ethical Company?

Is West Elm an Ethical Company?

If you're searching for modern home furniture that is responsibly produced, there are numerous options available to you. When purchasing from companies using ethical production and sourcing methods, purchasing products ensures you won't contribute to poor working conditions or environmental degradation at a global level. It also guarantees products created using high-quality materials crafted with care - it is therefore vitally important that when searching for decor and furniture you take these factors into consideration before making a purchase decision.

West elm is among the many home furnishings retailers who are committed to ethical production practices, with their mission being to offer furniture and home accessories that are sustainable, ethically sourced and durable. Additionally, they focus on giving back to their communities while offering eco-friendly products as part of their retail offering.

This retailer is clearly dedicated to sustainable and ethical production, with most pieces certified GOTS, FSC, OCS or OEKO-TEX. In addition, reclaimed or upcycled materials are often utilized, as are low VOC and water efficient furniture/upholstery pieces. Furthermore, this retailer was the first home retailing business ever to join Fair Trade USA, an organization dedicated to combatting global poverty while encouraging sustainable development by guaranteeing workers receive fair pay.

West elm joined other retailers who set ambitious sustainability goals in 2014, but has since admitted on Monday that its aim of having 40% of products Fair Trade Certified by 2020 may fall short. While significant progress has been made toward this end, finding enough factories and getting them certified quickly enough remains challenging and first-mover factories may resist adopting stricter standards that would threaten their profit margins.

Pottery Barn and West Elm offer an impressive range of ethically sourced Fair Trade products available online or through their 100+ stores globally. Both companies participate in various equitable labor programs such as Better Cotton Initiative, Craftmark, HERproject Nest's Ethical Handcraft Program and Fair Trade USA Certified certification; plus they both offer Key Rewards rewards programs which give members exclusive benefits and discounts off certain merchandise.

Alongside their commitments to responsible sourcing and manufacturing practices, the company puts great effort into providing an outstanding customer experience across their storefronts and online marketplaces. Interior designers create customized showrooms that allow customers to envision how products will look in their own homes, creating an elevated shopping experience and adding operational costs that get factored into each piece's price. West Elm offers excellent and quick support services after purchases have been made, as well as their commitment to sustainable production, all contributing to its premium prices.

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