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Loloi II Layla Lay 03 Olive Charcoal Rug

Softly chirping birds, a tranquil sunrise, and a very nice rug under your feet are often some of the key ingredients in the recipe for turning a good living space into a great one. The first two can't be controlled, but you can hopefully be provided a helping hand here for the latter.

Deciding which to go for when choosing a rug can take its toll, but luckily, you may have already found the one for you in the Loloi II Layla Lay-03 Olive/Charcoal rug. Continue reading on for advice on care and tips on figuring out if this rug is truly the one for you. (spoiler alert: it definitely is)

Physical Appeal

This rug is available in a wide range of dimensions and cuts that fit many different spaces. Whether it's for, under a coffee table or a family room statement piece, there surely is a style that is cut out for your needs. 

A good sizing tip to keep in mind is that large rugs can help make a room look bigger. If the rug is too big, however, it can have the opposite effect and make the room feel small and crowded. The exact size you will need depends largely on the size of the area as well as the layout and dimensions of any furniture that will be in the desired place as well.

A good rule of thumb is to always leave at least roughly two feet of exposed flooring around the perimeter of the rug. This helps prevent a crowded appearance. 

The textured polyester surface and the cotton base provide a soft feel while holding on to its traditional appearance and stature.

Visual Appeal

The intricate designs help showcase the traditional beauty of these styles of rugs, and show how dedicated the designers were to creating a tradition honoring, as well as being simply pleasing to look at. 

The colors used to create this rug were chosen carefully, and the palette matched to ensure the final design was cohesive and held a nice flow. This color palette is sure to bring brightness and an earthen warmth into your soon-to-be newly decorated area.

Color schemes like the one in this rug always help bring a fresh air of sophistication into any room or area. A trait of a good color scheme is to be both eye-catching and kind on the senses, which this rug fits into quite easily.

Longevity Tips

To increase your rug's life span, you may want to look into getting a good rug pad. These can help decrease the rate of wear from walking or any other kind of impact the rug may come face to face with. Any kind of repetitive friction will speed up how fast that part of the rug will wear.

A rug pad will also help prevent slipping as well as provide a little extra cushioning for comfort.

If there are any accidents, clean spills immediately by blotting the spill with a clean and dry cloth or sponge.

To try and prevent any near ruin disasters it's best to place your rug in an area where there won't be heavy objects, constant walking, or food and drinks. These things can cause an increased rate of wear and tear.

If wet cleaning has to happen, be sure to only use mild cleaning products. Only scrub gently when washing to prevent the fibers from breaking or becoming weakened. Also, be sure to test any new cleaning products on a small area in the corner of the rug to ensure it won't have any negative effects.

Where stubborn or set-in stains are concerned, it's always helpful to turn to commercial rug cleaning businesses and/or products.

Day to Day Care

The rug should only require vacuuming as regular as typical carpets around the home do. Depending on the rug's size, it can also be shaken out.

For the best results, vacuum responsibly regularly and do a deep clean of the rug every six months.

When vacuuming, simply vacuum in one direction in a single pass on each afflicted area before changing direction and repeating until satisfied. Never vacuum in a back and forth and manner. You should also ensure that the vacuum has an appropriate pile height and/or power level to ensure that none of the threads are pulled free, marring both the rug's appearance and its structure.

Ensure to clean the rug whenever needed because dust and other particle build-ups will speed up the rate of wear on your rug.

If any of the fibers begin to fray or pull, use scissors to cut the stray bit off as flush as possible to the rest.


Installing this rug is a pretty straightforward task. After adding any desired rug padding and/or other anti-slip tools, simply place it in the spot you've chosen and avoid placing furniture and such on it as to give it time to adjust to being unrolled. Using a vacuum beater bar to clean off any excess fluff from the rug prior to use is recommended.

If any of the corners retain a curl, try curling them the opposite way to try and relax that remembered position from being rolled up in storage.

These rugs can be placed on virtually any surface without a problem and are sure to bring together both a modern contemporary theme and a traditional timeless one.

Why the Loloi II Layla Lay 03 Olive Charcoal Rug?

This rug was created to mimic traditional Turkish rugs without the stress of detailed and constant maintenance.

Loloi rugs are great for homes with pets and/or children as they're much more durable compared to their traditional counterparts. Also, because these rugs are made with polyester, they won't draw in pests, like carpet beetles and clothes moths, as a woolen rug would. This makes them good choices for those who have hygiene as a top concern.

The Lay-03 will bring a timeless look to the area, as well as a sophisticated beauty and overall lively and relaxing spirit. Because these rugs are made to look like the traditional ones without requiring extensive work, they're also offered at much lower prices. 

Behind the Brand

Loloi II as a brand is an expert at melding traditional designs and creative techniques with modern-day needs and technological advancements.

Traditional Turkish rugs would be made of wool and have tasseled fringes. These traits can make rugs less resistant to wear, more difficult to clean effectively, and much easier to unintentionally ruin during said cleaning.

The ingenuity of the Loloi II brand comes out where they have created multiple collections of rugs in tradition-inspired designs while avoiding those aforementioned downsides. Being made of polyester instead of wool makes their rugs much easier to care for and exponentially more resistant to damage from wear, increasing their overall longevity. 

To address the issue that can arise with tassels, this brand has simply forgone them in their entirety. This move helps further ease the care for the rugs and ties them more closely to modern styles. Their rugs come highly recommended by previous buyers.

The Layla Collection

The Layla Collection is built of traditional and timeless area rugs with beautiful lived-in designs that capture the spirit of old-world rugs.

This traditional power-loomed rug in particular is crafted in China of 100 polyester with a classic and sophisticated color palette and subtle patina.


Like most any other product, these rugs typically come with a manufacturer's warranty and also can be returned if received defective. If the rug arrives in normal condition, you can expect it to hold up for several years of being a centerpiece. 
Simply reach out to the seller to request information on what options are available to you.


If you're dissatisfied with your rug, you'll simply need to contact the seller and likely follow typical Amazon return procedures to find out what their return protocol is and what steps and options there are to follow.

This is Your Sign

All in all, the Loloi II Layla Lay 03 Olive Charcoal rug is a pretty solid purchase and is an affordable investment to bring the spirit of traditional art into your home.

Deciding on which product to choose can definitely be difficult, but it's definitely no rocket science. Take a step back for a moment and just think, you've already decided you like it enough to look this far into it; what's stopping you from just taking the final leap?

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