icon How to Clean Loloi Rug: A Comprehensive Cleaning and Care Guide

How to Clean Loloi Rug: A Comprehensive Cleaning and Care Guide

Carpets and rugs can hold about four times their weight in dirt

Talk about ew. 

Thinking about all the dirt inside hiding inside your rug might make you want to keep your shoes on even when you're inside the house. But don't worry. With a few simple techniques, you can keep the dirt out of your rug and make sure you home stays clean and safe. 

We've put together this detailed, step-by-step guide to show you how to clean a Loloi rug, so make sure you keep reading below for some helpful tips! 

Weekly Cleaning Tips 

As a general rule, you should vacuum Loloi rugs at least twice a week. This will keep dust, dirt, and other debris from gathering in the fibers, which will reduce sinus irritation for people who struggle with allergies. However, this isn't true for all rug types. Make sure you follow these care instructions during your weekly cleaning routine. 

Looking at a person vacuuming from the perspective of the floor.

Traditional Area Rugs: 

For normal pile rugs, you can use your vacuum like normal. If your rug is sitting in a high traffic area of the house, you may want to vacuum it more often, such as every other day. 

Looped Rugs: 

Always remove your vacuum's beater bar before vacuuming any looped or braided rugs. Otherwise, the synthetic fibers could get caught in your vacuum, pull loose, and ruin the appearance of your rug. 

Shag Rugs:

Don't vacuum these rugs. The suctioning power can damage the shag, and even if it doesn't, the job will be difficult! Instead, take the rug outside and shake it (or beat it) to remove all the dirt and dust. 

How to Clean... 

Vacuuming isn't enough to keep the surface of your wool clean (or other material). You may find yourself face with stubborn spots that won't come off or disastrous spills. 

Here are a few tips that'll help you handle these types of rug problems. 


It's easier to deep clean rugs later if you wipe up any spills as soon as they happen. Use a clean cloth to absorb the liquid. Try not to scrub the spill or you'll risk spreading the spill to unaffected spots. 

White coffee mug spilled on a tan rug.

Unfortunately, no matter how fast you act with some spills, they can still leave a stain on your rug. But that doesn't mean your rug is ruined! Loloi rugs are stain-resistant, and with the right cleaning solutions, you'll be able to lift that mark out of the fibers. 


Depending on the type of stain you're dealing with, you'll need to use a different cleaning method to remove it. Here's a quick guide about how to get rid of some of the most common stains. 

  • Coffee: Mix 1 teaspoon liquid dish detergent, 1/4 teaspoon of pure white vinegar, and a quart of warm water and blot it over the stain 
  • Alcohol: Using the same carpet cleaner solution, dab it on the stain until you've spot cleaned the entire area 
  • Fat: When you're dealing with fat-based stains, like butter, the best way to remove them is with a dry-solvent spot cleaner
  • Citrus: Start by blotting the stain with liquid dish detergent and a common wool cleaning detergent then rinse with 1 cup of pure white vinegar combined with 2 cups of water
  • Wax: Scrape off the wax (you may have to harden it with ice cubes first) and remove any residue with rubbing alcohol 
  • Gum: Similar to wax, scrape off what you can, vacuum the leftovers, and use a dry-solvent spot cleaner to finish the job 
  • Blood: Take 2 cups of white vinegar combined with a quart of water and dab the stain until it fades 

Vomit is a bit trickier to deal with than other stains. To get it out of wool rugs, you'll need to mix 1 tablespoon of liquid dish detergent and a teaspoon of salt with 2 tablespoons of rubbing alcohol, half a cup of white vinegar, and 2 cups of water. Use a spray bottle or a clean cloth to make the area damp (don't get it too wet!). 

Let the solution sit for about 10 minutes. 

After that, wash the stain with warm water to flush out the debris. Blot with a clean cloth to remove any extra liquid then let air dry. 

Deep Cleaning Tips 

No matter how often you vacuum your Loloi rug, it will still need a deep cleaning at least once a year. This will help remove any debris the vacuum cleaner left behind and extend the life of your rug. 

Before you start, though, make sure you check the labels of your area rug. This will tell you if the rug is colorfast or not. If your rug isn't colorfast, you should have it dry cleaned to ensure the pattern doesn't fade or become damaged. 

If your rug is colorfast, you may be able to pop it into the washing machine on delicate. Keep it in a mesh bag and wash in cold water. 

For rugs too large for the washer, you can deep clean them by hand. Here are the steps you should follow. 

1. Beat

Take your Loloi rug outside and hang it over a clothesline (if you don't have one of those, you can drape it over your fence instead). Make sure the bottom side of the rug is facing up. 

Then grab a stick or a broom and start beating the back of the rug. You should see dust and dirt falling out of the fibers and gathering on the ground. 

Make sure you do this step gently. Although you want to remove debris, hitting to hard can harm your rug, so be patient and take your time. 

2. Vacuum 

Bring the rug back inside and lay it face down on the floor (so the bottom side is still facing up). Grab your vacuum and spend a few minutes vacuuming the back of the rug. When you're finished, flip it over and do the same thing on the top of the rug. 

You might want to go over each side several times to ensure there isn't any extra dust hiding inside the fibers. 

3. Wash 

You can either wash your Loloi rug with a common wool cleaning detergent or with a homemade mixture of a teaspoon of a natural detergent, a teaspoon of pure white vinegar, and four cups of warm water. 

Dab a small amount of the cleaning agent onto a corner or an out of the way area on the rug to make sure it doesn't damage the fiber. 

Image of hands cleaning a tan rug with a sponge and blue spray.

If you're in the clear, use a sponge or a clean cloth to rub the cleaning solution into the rug. While you can use scrubbing motions, don't be too rough. Only apply light pressure to ensure the fibers to fray or break. 

Remember to wring out excess cleaning solution every time you re-dip your sponge into the mixture.

You want your rug to be damp, but not wet. Soaking it with water can trap moisture inside the material and lead to mold growth later. At the very least, it will make the drying process a real pain. 

4. Rinse 

Once you're done washing, repeat the process with clean, warm water. Keep rinsing your rug until you've removed all the extra soap and debris. 

5. Touch Up (If Necessary) 

Do you still see a few darker dots or stains left on the surface? You can spot-treat the areas using one of the stain cleaning methods we mentioned above already. This should clean up any last spots.

6. Dry 

Grab a dry towel and dab it over the rug to absorb the leftover moisture. You may want to go over it a few times with new towels to really suck out the water. 

Then lay out your rug and let it dry for at least 24 hours. Don't put any furniture on it or walk on it until it is completely dry. 

When to Turn to Professional Cleaning Services 

Always play it safe when it comes to cleaning your Loloi rug. 

Is your rug missing the label? Are you confused about whether it is colorfast or not? Not sure what type of cleaning product you should use?

Go ahead and call a professional cleaning company. 

Making guessing and trying to do it yourself isn't worth the risk of damaging it. Using the wrong products on the wrong materials can destroy your rug, so it's better to let the professionals handle it. 

After all, you'll save more money hiring a cleaning service than you would purchasing a new rug to replace the one you lost. 

How to Clean a Loloi Rug: Extending the Lifespan 

Trying to figure out how to clean a Loloi rug can be challenging. However, if you follow the tips on this guide, you should be able to wash your rug and enjoy it for many years to come. 

Has your rug already reached old age?

It might be time to get a new one! Make sure you take a look at some of our beautiful Loloi rugs, and don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions about purchasing a rug or taking care of the one you already have. 

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  • I am glad to have come across your guide in cleaning LOLOI rugs. I was introduced to the LOLOI label through a decorator. Our home is hardwood and slate -architecture design MCM. The rugs are beautiful artistic, while anchoring the room perfectly. Moving forward, I have incorporated LOLOI rugs throughout our home as my go to for style, durability and comfort.

    Linda Duncan

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