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Small Bathroom Rug

Small Bathroom Rug Placement: 10 Points to Consider

Discover the top 10 factors to consider for optimal small bathroom rug placement. Learn how to enhance style, safety, and comfort in compact spaces, while choosing the right size, material, and design for your bathroom. Get expert tips to maximize functionality and elevate your bathroom's aesthetics.
how to clean an oriental rug melissa vickers design

Expert Tips: How to Clean an Oriental Rug Effectively

Discover the art of maintaining your oriental rug with our comprehensive guide. Learn essential tips for regular vacuuming, deep cleaning, and tackling tough stains to preserve the vibrant colors and intricate designs of your rug. Understand when to seek professional cleaning services and how to effectively dry and care for your rug post-cleaning. Our expert advice ensures that your oriental rug remains a cherished and beautiful part of your home for years. Dive into our guide for all the insights you need on how to clean and maintain your oriental rug.
how to uncurl a rug melissa vickers design

How To Uncurl A Rug: Quick And Easy Fixes

This comprehensive guide addresses the common yet overlooked problem of rug curling, which impacts both home aesthetics and safety. Learn about the causes of rug curling, from high foot traffic to the interaction between rug fibers and various floor types. Our article provides easy-to-implement solutions for straightening curled rug corners, including reverse rolling, using heavy objects, and applying rug grips. Additionally, it offers long-term strategies like regular rug rotation and strategic furniture placement to ensure your rug stays flat and safe, enhancing your home's beauty and safety.
loloi arden pebble rug alternative melissa vickers design

Guide to Loloi Arden ARD-01 Natural Pebble Area Rug

The Loloi Arden ARD-01 Natural Pebble area rug epitomizes the perfect blend of artistry and practicality. With its captivating heathered stripes, plush pile, and easy maintenance, it stands as an emblem of sophistication. Designed for modern homes, it promises an enduring aesthetic charm while ensuring lasting durability.
cloudpile rugs loloi melissa vickers design

Cloudpile Rug: The Future of Luxurious Home Decor

Stepping onto a Cloudpile Rug feels like a gentle embrace from a cloud. Its unmatched plushness paired with the durability ensured by a quality rug pad makes it a game-changer in home decor. With Cloudpile, homeowners no longer have to choose between luxury and longevity—they get both.
Loloi ziva sky rug melissa vickers design

Loloi Ziva Rugs: Setting the Bar in Home Décor

Loloi Ziva rugs, a perfect blend of artistry and durability, set the bar high in home décor. Their intricate designs captivate, while their resilience ensures longevity. With the right care, from proper vacuuming to using recommended rug pads, these rugs can be a timeless centerpiece in any space. Dive deep into the world of Loloi Ziva and discover how to elevate your home's aesthetic appeal for years to come.
rugs for bathroom melissa vickers design

Essential Guide to Rugs for Bathrooms: Absorbency & Care

Unlock the secrets to a safer and more stylish bathroom with the perfect bath rug. Prioritize absorbency, easy cleaning, and design to transform your space. Dive into our guide to make informed choices that protect your floor and elevate your bathroom's aesthetic.

The West Elm Azura Rug - A Blend of Tradition and Modernity

Experience the blend of vintage charm and modern durability with the West Elm Azura Rug. Crafted with eco-friendly materials and boasting soothing blue tones, this rug is the perfect addition to any interior. Ideal for high-traffic areas and backed by flexible shipping and return policies, it's a stylish and sustainable choice for discerning homeowners.
west elm rugs melissa vickers design

West Elm Rugs: Shop with Free Shipping and Global Delivery

West Elm showcases exceptional craftsmanship with its diverse rug collection. Crafted from premium materials like jute and wool, each rug promises both luxury and durability. Committed to sustainable sourcing, West Elm sets itself apart in the home decor market. Whether your style leans towards the bold or the understated, there's a perfect rug waiting for you. Invest in quality, sustainability, and design with West Elm rugs.
How to Clean Cowhide Rug: Expert Tips & Tricks

How to Clean Cowhide Rug: Expert Tips & Tricks

Master the art of maintaining your cowhide rug's natural beauty with our comprehensive guide on cleaning and care. From swift action on liquid spills to the nuances of deep steam cleaning, discover expert tips to keep your rug pristine. Eucalyptus oil, the right vacuuming technique, and understanding the rug's fibers play crucial roles in ensuring longevity. Dive in to preserve the allure of your cowhide rug for years.
Area rug that is mainly brown with some black accents.

Loloi II Layla Lay 03 Olive Charcoal Rug

The Loloi II Layla Lay 03 Olive Charcoal Rug is one smart addition to your home decor! What makes it so special? Get all of the specifications here.
loloi rowan ash rug in well designed modern living room with tan leather couch.

A Complete Guide to Decorating With the Loloi Rowan Row 01 MH Ash Rug

Designed by Joanna Gaines, the Loloi Rowan Row 01 MH Ash Rug lends a touch of elegant class to any home. See this complete guide to the Rowan Row 01 MH Ash rug.
loloi terracotta sky rug edge on hardwood floor showing both color and edge finish detail.

The Loloi Skye Rug in Terracotta: Perfect Interior Flooring Solution

Discover why the Loloi Skye rug in terracotta is the best choice for almost any room in the house. All your Loloi Skye rug in terracotta FAQs answered here.
Blue and black vacuum on a neutral patterned rug on light wood floor.

How to Clean Loloi Rug: A Comprehensive Cleaning and Care Guide

Retain the brilliance and beauty of your Loloi rug through proper care. Our guide shares the complete process on how to clean a Loloi rug.
Backing for Handmade Rugs: Keep Your Rugs From Slipping - Melissa Vickers Design

Backing for Handmade Rugs: Keep Your Rugs From Slipping

You have a beautiful handmade rug, but you need to keep it from slipping when used. This guide will explain how to use backing for handmade rugs to fix that.
Stop Rugs From Slipping: How to Stick a Rug to the Floor - Melissa Vickers Design

Stop Rugs From Slipping: How to Stick a Rug to the Floor

Rugs that slide around can be a serious health hazard. Check out this guide for your different options to stick a rug to the floor.
How to Pick a Rug for Your Living Room - Melissa Vickers Design

How to Pick a Rug for Your Living Room

Are you wondering how to pick a rug for your living room? You need to start with the right patterns, colors, size, and textures. Keep reading to learn more.
Your Guide To Types Of Rugs And How To Layer Them - Melissa Vickers Design

Your Guide To Types Of Rugs And How To Layer Them

If you are looking to hone your interior design skills, then layering rugs is a great way to experiment with color, texture and contrast.
Best Places to Find Stylish and Affordable Rugs - Melissa Vickers Design

Best Places to Find Stylish and Affordable Rugs

Finding the perfect rug can be hard, especially when you start looking at the price tags. Here's my guide to the best places to buy rugs for cheap.
Bedroom Rug Placement Ideas - Melissa Vickers Design

Bedroom Rug Placement Ideas

Thinking about buying a new bedroom rug?  My guide will help you address a few of the common concerns and questions as you decide how best to place your rug in the bedroom.