icon The Haven Couch by West Elm

The Haven Couch by West Elm

A simple yet extremely comfortable sofa, this piece had a modern MCM vibe (though I think it could work with other styles too), featuring plenty of modular configuration options. I particularly liked its higher off the ground height which would work in living rooms with many low pieces.

This sofa features mid-century style arms and shape while its modern legs (you can even change their color - great!). And again, its great price for a sleeper sofa! We sat on this one and found it really comfortable, providing good back support, good depth, high quality fabric which got dirtier more quickly than most sofas, yet managed to remain great conversation/living room seating as opposed to being ideal for watching movies and snuggling close. Ajai and Jess both said it would make an excellent conversation piece within their living rooms but less snugly than before!

A timeless and comfortable sofa that won't go out of fashion anytime soon. I found the velvet to be especially soft, while its cushions had an ideal medium firmness level between soft and hard, providing great depth and sizing, though some testers found its seat height just a touch too high for their liking. Unfortunately, its upholstery looked rather dirty, likely because being made out of white fabric allowed dirt to seep through easily into its crevices; I would probably opt for darker upholstery fabrics, but overall this was an outstanding piece.

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