icon My Top 5 Easy Houseplants

My Top 5 Easy Houseplants

Easy Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are definitely on trend right now, and for good reason! Plants not only bring color and life to a room, but they have been shown to be good for your emotional and physical health.
That being said, not everyone has a green thumb, or the confidence to think they can keep a houseplant alive. I have found (through trial and error) a list of plants that look good, can survive in low light, and only require a splash of water once a week or so. (I just make a habit of watering my plants every Sunday! ) Check out these lovely plants and see if they work for you!

1. ZZ Plant

This plant is a survivor! It can thrive on virtually NO light, and only needs water once a month or so. The ZZ Plant (Zamioculcas zamiifolia) is commonly available in most plant and garden shops (including the big box stores, and its long stalks with brilliant green leaves look beautiful too!
Looking down at a ZZ plant, which has long stems and smaller but many green leaves.

2. Pothos

A pothos is a friendly plant, if there is such a thing! It will love you fiercely, and come back to life after weeks of neglect after just a light watering! Pothos, or philodendron plants come in a variety of shades and variegations, but have long, oval, pointed leaves, and tend to grow long, vine like branches, You can trellis these beauties to grow up and around, or clip the longer branches to keep it pot sized. (The clippings are also easy to propagate and share with friends!)
Pothos plant close up in a black and white woven plant holder.

3. Monstera

If you need a show stopper to fill up an empty corner of your room, the Monstera deliciosa is the plant for you! It's having a moment in our culture, with it's large, uniquely shaped leaves popping up on shirts and wallpaper patterns and the plants are flying out of the stores! This plant prefers bright, indirect light, so setting it beside a window is ideal. It also needs to be kept moderately watered, so keeping the soil moist, and watering after the first layer is dried out, is the right plan. (My once a week plan works great for a light watering!)
Close up of a few Monstera leaves.
4. Tradescantia Zebrina- This purple plant, also known as "inch plant" grows well outside in our Zone 7B climate, but makes a great houseplant as well! I love the to put the trailing, purple foliage in a basket by my front window, and then propagate cuttings in the spring to start in my garden!
Close up of the Wandering Jew plant, it's leaves are green with purple striations.
5. Chinese Money Plant- The Pilea is a great plant, because it stays the relative size and shape it was when you bought it! That can be really nice when you are placing it on a shelf or side table where it fits perfectly now, but maybe not if it were to grow! It's thick, round, succulent like leaves are fun and pretty, and it can grow well in low light. Another bonus, this plant often makes 'babies', or offshoots in it's pot, which can be repotted and gifted to friends!
Looking onto a table with a Chinese Money Plant sitting on it.

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