icon Does West Elm Have Stores in New York City?

Does West Elm Have Stores in New York City?

West Elm has long been known for their selection of contemporary furniture and decor with an environmental focus, dating back to 2002. Their eco-friendly products allow consumers to express their style without breaking the bank, and collaborate with designers and makers from all around the globe, producing products themselves or curating finds from around the globe. You can shop their offerings either online, at one of their brick-and-mortar locations (both domestically and globally), or their many West Elm outlet stores located nationwide.

Do You Have a Store in New York City?

As West Elm hails from Brooklyn, it makes perfect sense that they would open an outlet store in the Big Apple. Their new outlet store at Industry City in Sunset Park features their Makers Studio workshop and showcases how pieces are constructed; additionally it stocks both regular merchandise as well as clearance pieces - something none of their other outlets do.

Does West Elm Have the Better Selection Than Pottery Barn? Although both West Elm and Pottery Barn offer similar styles and products, there are some key distinctions. Joybird provides bold statement pieces crafted in modern fabrics while Lulu & Georgia mixes modern furniture with handmade decor (we adore their linen bedding!). Modshop keeps things sleek with curvaceous designs made of textured materials.

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