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How to Put on a Duvet Cover West Elm

West Elm duvet covers can add a unique aesthetic to your bedroom, quickly and cost-effectively updating its appearance. They're an effective and cost-efficient way to update bedding when the seasons shift or guests stay over, since their designs offer more freedom than conventional comforters do.

Duvet covers are versatile, yet sometimes difficult to put on properly, as they need to be fitted precisely over a duvet insert for them to work effectively. If yours doesn't seem quite fitting right, try the following tips for improving its fit:

As part of your first step to donning a duvet cover, it is essential that your duvet insert and cover are both of equal size. Any attempt at stuffing an oversized duvet into a smaller cover could result in lumpy fill that doesn't look neat and polished when placed on your bed. If your insert features corner tabs, tie its corner ties tight around those and secure with tape if possible.

Once the duvet insert has been attached to its cover, place the entire ensemble flat on a clean surface such as your bed or table. If your duvet was recently washed, use an iron to smooth out wrinkles and any bumps or folds - this will ensure the cover lays flat against its duvet, creating natural pockets where its corners and edges fit seamlessly.

When it's time to put on your cover again, start by turning it inside out. Reach your hands through the unbuttoned bottom of the cover and grab its top corners; pull these toward the center until they meet in the middle and are fully enclosed within its folds. If your cover features buttons or zipper closures, fasten these securely onto its insert.

When dressing your bed, select sheets that complement both the duvet cover and bedroom decor. Layer a quilt or matelasse coverlet with the duvet folded halfway over, for an elegant layered effect. Prop up Euro pillows behind standard pillow shams, and include an inviting throw as extra coziness at the foot of the bed to keep yourself cozy while sleeping peacefully - this bedding arrangement makes a great guest room solution!

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