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Fresh Door Colors for Brick Houses

Brick houses are iconic in American architecture, and for good reason.  Brick homes are sturdy and built to last, a staple in cities and neighborhoods.  The earthy neutrals of the bricks highlight the architectural features in the home, and create a sturdy canvas built to highlight each family’s unique fingerprint.  

Brick house with triangle front roof line and chimney stack on the front.  White door.

I pass by this brick house daily on the road, part of a section of mid-century homes being remodeled in my town.  Every time I pass it, I find myself daydreaming of different ways I could make this cozy asymmetrical cottage pop.  

As you probably already know, one signature of my interior design aesthetic is the full embrace of rich, beautiful color.  We live in a world threaded with a rainbow of inspiration… why choose to live in a home painted grey?  That’s why I always find it surprising to see that the majority of homes I encounter stick with the same 4 basic colors when it comes to painting their front door: black, white, forest green, and, if you’re feeling wild, barn red.  

Open paint deck and a paint brush on a table.

Your front door is your first impression for your home.  It’s the place friends and family enter, and it in a lot of ways is the ‘smile’ on your home’s face!  Why not use the opportunity to give your home, and your life, some personality?  It can be remarkable how much a small kiss of color can transform an entire home’s façade.  In my opinion, painting a home’s front door is one of the easiest and fastest ways to boost your home’s curb appeal.  With an investment of less than $50 and one afternoon, you can give your home an instant facelift!  

Here are some fresh and fun front door colors I have been loving lately on brick homes… Which is your favorite?  

3 different brick houses with aqua colored doors

Aqua, teal, robin’s egg blue… this hue has an endless variety of names and subtle variations.  However, all of these shades have one thing in common, a splash of this bright, cool shade contrasted with the warmth of a brick wall makes your front entrance pop, and your home shimmer with energy and charm.  

Here are some amazing shades of aqua available in high-quality paint brands you can find…

Cloudless, by Sherwin Williams 

Vibrant Horizon by Magnolia Home

Tropicana Cabana by Benjamin Moore

3 brick houses with yellow front doors

As Dorothy learned in the Wizard of Oz, following the Yellow Brick Road is always an adventure, sure to bring delight, warm friendships, and deep meaning.  Mark the pathway to the heart of your home with gold by painting your door a sunny lemon yellow!  This light and bright color creates a great contrast with brick’s earthen tones, it makes a wonderful contrast for any wreath or door hanging you choose, but it also steals the show on its own!  

Here are some buttery yellows I can’t get enough of lately… 

Sunny Veranda by Sherwin Williams

Amber by Magnolia Home

Suntan Yellow by Benjamin Moore

3 brick houses with sage green doors

Earth tones always look beautiful on brick homes, and a peaceful green can reinforce your home’s stately lines, and hint to the vibrant energy of the family housed within.  Brighter and more nuanced than it’s big brother forest green, a sage green door is an unexpected, energy filled focal point for your home.  

Sage green is an iconic and classic color, but colors in the earthy green family can be a tricky hue to unlock.  Often when hunting for a beautifully balanced sage green, colors tip too far over to grey or end up looking sallow and yellow.  

Here are some of MY favorite examples of sage in several national brands: 

Garden Grove by Sherwin Williams 

Magnolia Green by Magnolia Home

Gumdrop by Benjamin Moore

3 brick houses with blue doors

While aqua is a bright pop of color on a brick home, a full-bodied blue is a hue that gives your home a refined presence.  Bright and welcoming, this pop of color is just refined enough to keep your stodgy HOA from writing a letter of concern… while still keeping your heart happy every time you pull into the driveway!  The first impression given by a home with azure blue accents is one of energy and grace, with just a wink of joy showing through.  

Here are some shades of royal blue that get our regal approval!

Dynamic Blue by Sherwin Williams

Big Country Blue by Benjamin Moore

Deep Space by Valspar

2 brick houses with light purple doors

Ready to show your individuality and a little playfulness?  Lilac is a shade that is unexpectedly delightful when paired with a brick exterior!  The rich and vibrant hues of the purple pop against the traditional lines and trim that frame your door.  While it may not be the shade for everyone, seeing these purple doors in my city makes my heart thrill, and gives me a strong suspicion I would be friends with the people who live inside them!  

With this unexpected shade, there is no right or wrong answer on tone.  Whether you choose a lighter lavender or a deep eggplant, this hue expresses your personality so go with what brings you joy!  However, here are my favorite middle-grade lilacs to mimic the effect seen here… 

Clematis by Sherwin Williams

Crocus Petal Purple by Benjamin Moore

Sumptuous Purple by Valspar

Ready to explore more advice and tips about enhancing the curb appeal of your home?  Don’t worry- Melissa Vickers Design has a Step-By-Step Guide to Curb Appeal as well!  

Things to keep in mind when painting your door:

 (for a full tutorial on this One-Day DIY, check out this post!)

  • Start with a clean palette!  At the very least, wash down your door and dry thoroughly before you paint.  A light sanding and chipping away from any imperfections and blisters in your old paint will help!  
  • Plan to have your front door OPEN until it fully dries!  This project works best on a sunny, warm day, without toddlers or dogs trying to escape.  
  • Use a high-quality, semi-gloss exterior paint for this project.  If you are trying to go several shades lighter or darker, use an appropriate primer.  And don’t forget to tape off your kickplate, hinges, and door handles!  

Still feeling unsure whether these color options will work well for your brick house and would like to set up a consultation, feel free to reach out to me for help picking that right front door color.

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