icon Fresh, Fun Front Door Colors for White Houses

Fresh, Fun Front Door Colors for White Houses

Now more than ever, white houses are becoming common in American neighborhoods.  Whether painted or whitewashed brick, siding, or wood, white houses provide a crisp, clean palette for all your curb-appeal inspiration.  The light and bright color can serve to create a clean background to make your home’s unique beauty shine. A white house can be customized in so many ways, from contrasting color, to garden design, to a brightly colored front door! 

White house
Exterior re-do of this house was completed by Theodore B. Interiors

I pass by this white painted brick house daily on the road, part of a section of mid-century homes being remodeled in my town.  The plywood nailed over the front door opening is begging me for a front door with character and color to make this house sing. 

At Melissa Vickers Design, we embrace the full spectrum of color as a key part of your design aesthetic.  Colors can elicit memories, emotion, and imagination in us all… Embracing it thoughtfully and intentionally is an invitation to make your home your own… reflecting who you are as a family.  That’s why I always find it surprising to see that the majority of homes I encounter stick with the same 4 basic colors when it comes to painting their front door: black, white, forest green, and, if you’re feeling wild, barn red.  

A paint deck opened up so you can see a lot of there various colors.

Your front door is your home’s first impression.  It’s the entryway into your family- why not use the opportunity to give your home some personality?  It can be remarkable how much one door can transform an entire home’s appearance.  In my opinion, painting a home’s front door is one of the easiest and fastest ways to boost your home’s curb appeal.  With an investment of less than $50 and one afternoon, you can give your home an instant facelift!  

Here are some fresh and fun front door colors I have been loving lately on white homes… Which is your favorite?  (have a brick house?  Check out the post about fresh, fun front door colors for brick homes here!) 

3 different house images with teal as the front door color.

Aqua, teal, robin’s egg blue… this hue has an endless variety of names and subtle variations.  However, all of these shades have one thing in common, a splash of this bright, cool shade contrasted with the brightness of a white wall makes your front entrance pop, and your home shimmer with energy and charm.  

Here are some amazing shades of aqua available in high-quality paint brands you can find…

Mariner, by Sherwin Williams 

Waterfall by Benjamin Moore

Nautical by Valspar

3 different house images all with coral front doors.

Before just a few years ago, using pink for exterior home décor was virtually unheard of.  Now, however, the rules have changed, and this smart, sassy color is popping up on homes all around the US!  A coral-colored front door tells friends and neighbors that you are here for fun, and aren’t afraid to show your unique spirit!  It pairs beautifully with a variety of cool toned accent colors, and could be just the thing you are looking for to make your home shine!  

Here are some bright corals I can’t get enough of lately… 

Dishy Coral by Sherwin Williams

Pink Lemonade by Magnolia Home

Flamingo’s Dream  by Benjamin Moore

3 different houses with cobalt blue doors

Cobalt blue is a deep, rich color that sparkles with energy.  Whether it leans towards a playful purple or a refined teal can be up to you, but the royal tones of this blue create a calm, steady energy in on the face of your home.  Blue doors also create great contrast for brightly colored wreaths or door hangings, and play well with most paint colors for shutters!  

Here are some of MY favorite examples of cobalt  in several national brands: 

Dynamic Blue by Sherwin Williams 

Rocky Mountain Sky by Benjamin Moore

Deep Space by Valspar

Two white houses with raspberry colored doors

A red door on a white house is a CLASSIC combo.  Why not put your own personal spin on it by adding a dash of pink to the hue?  Raspberry colored doors have all the pop and flair of their red counterparts, with a wink of playfulness added!  

Here are some shades of raspberry we find oh-so-delicious right now!

Dynamo by Sherwin Williams

Magenta by Benjamin Moore

Cherries Jubilee by Sherwin Williams 

My hometown of Winston-Salem has the Reynolda House-  a historic home and museum whose architectural trademark is creamy white stucco walls paired with muted green shutters and roof. This restrained combo is classic and beautiful, and the color combination is echoed all around our town in home and building design.  Lately, I have noticed some playful riffs on this green and white combo, and I am LOVING the fresh energy that a more vibrant shade of green can bring to the look!  

2 white houses with pistachio colored doors

Here are some playful, fun pistachio hues in high quality paint brands!  

Kiwi by Sherwin Williams

Nottingham Green  by Benjamin Moore

Breaktime by Valspar

Ready to explore more advice and tips about enhancing the curb appeal of your home?  Don’t worry- Melissa Vickers has a Step-By-Step Guide to Curb Appeal as well!  

Things to keep in mind when painting your door:

 (for a full tutorial on this One-Day DIY, check out this post!)

  • Start with a clean palette!  At the very least, wash down your door and dry thoroughly before you paint.  A light sanding and chipping away from any imperfections and blisters in your old paint will help!  
  • Plan to have your front door OPEN until it fully dries!  This project works best on a sunny, warm day, without toddlers or dogs trying to escape.  
  • Use a high-quality, semi-gloss exterior paint for this project.  If you are trying to go several shades lighter or darker, use an appropriate primer.  And don’t forget to tape off your kickplate, hinges, and door handles!  

Still feeling unsure whether these color options will work well for your white house and would like to set up a consultation, feel free to reach out to me for help picking that right front door color.

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