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Amazon Wall Clocks For Living Room

Amazon wall clocks for living room

Looking For A New Wall Clock On Amazon?

"Time is money, Time is of the essence, Time waits for no one..."

There are so many quotes out there about time. Whether time is on your side or not, most of us are conscious of needing to know the time throughout the day. So, why not make sure you are rocking an appropriately styled clock for your living room?

If you aren't sure what style your decor is throughout your home, don't worry, you will likely find a clock below that speaks to you.  

Below are my top 10 battery-operated wall clock picks from Amazon for your living room. Let me know in the comments below which is more your style!

My top 10 picks:


White clock with black border, black numbers


 Dreamsky Wall Clock

I picked this clock based solely on appearances. This clock is a simple design, but the font used for the numbers has a little more of a fun design to it. The fact that this clock is white and black will allow it to go with most interior spaces. You won't break the bank with this clock either and it has received many good reviews.




Gray clock with silver outside, silver numbers and dots for the minutes


JoFomp Silent Wall Clock

This clock is a winner for two reasons. First of all, I love the clean aesthetic and since the trend in interiors now is more of a neutral look, I think this clock would fit in most living rooms in 2021. 

The second reason is it is silent! How many times have you found yourself trying to take a nap and can't because all you can hear is the ticking of a clock? If it is as quiet as it claims, this one is definitely a contender for the top 3! 



Contemporary looking white clock, with red, blue and yellow accents, the only numbers not shown are 12, 3, 6 and 9, they are shown with colored dots


Konigswerk Wall Clock

If your style is a little more funky and modern, that this clock is for you. It's a nice clean design but offers a few pops of color. 

Although this one gets some mixed reviews about the yellow hand not being very visible.  In the photo though, it appears to be quite visible. But not everything is as it seems. I would say proceed with caution on the purchase, but if you absolutely love the style, go for it.



Bright yellow clock with white frame and large white numbers


LoveClocks Brand

Where are my color lovers?! This clock is for all of you out there. It comes in 5 colors: Yellow, orange, red, blue and teal!

 If I were going to get any wall clock, it would be this one. I can't resist a home item in a bright and happy color. So the fact that there is a company out there making clocks for color lovers like myself, makes me so ecstatic. This one is definitely a winner in my book of design.



Simple white clock with no frame, black numbers and wood hands


Plumeet Mid-Century Clock

If you are looking for a no-fuss, clean design to match your mid-century modern aesthetic, then this wall clock is for you. It's a simple black and white design, clean numbers, and a nice wood tone for the hands. It's a very classic look that will go with multiple types of decor.



Light pink metal pieces in a star burst formation, simple black thin hands, no numbers


Umbra Wall Clock

If you want a wall clock that stands out and looks like a piece of art, then this Umbra wall clock is great for both form and function. 

Umbra is a tried and true brand and so you know you are getting a great clock. This clock also comes in 5 different finishes, so you are sure to find a color that will match your living room decor. I love that sculptural feel it has. It's really beautiful and guaranteed to receive lots of compliments.




Dark gray clock with silver trim, no numbers, only silver lines show for where numbers would be.


RCA Wall Clock

This clock is simple and no-nonsense. It comes in this sharp-looking gray color but also in a white and black scheme that is just as good looking. If you don't care for having numbers, but want to still be able to easily tell time, this would be a good option.


White clock, no frame, no numbers, simple wood hands


Modirnation Wall Clock

Here is another get mid-century modern style clock. No numbers on the face may make it a little harder to tell the time, but it's worth it if you are looking for a cool-looking wall clock. This one also treats time as if it were a work of art.



White face clock with black numbers, the frame is large and red, looks like metal


Bernhard Products Retro Wall Clock

If retro is the style you lean toward, do not worry friend. There is a wall clock out there for you. This one is great because it comes in 8 different colors! 

So many good options to choose from. You could also use this clock in a kitchen, not just a living room.



Black leather clock, no frame, numbers are block like and gold, hands are gold.


thehaki Wall Clock

If you are looking for a more high-end look, I would recommend this clock. It is absolutely gorgeous and definitely caught my eye. It comes in 4 different color options. Right now, brass/gold metals are trending, so if you are switching the metals in your home toward that direction, this clock would be a great way to add an accent.

Variety Is The Spice Of Life

What a variety of wall clocks! I was really pleasantly surprised to see so many different types of design options out there. There really is a look for just about everyone. And all of the wall clocks chosen had pretty great reviews and the price range is between $15-$30, so nothing too wild and crazy.  

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