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Creative Bedroom Lego Display Ideas

Looking for Creative Ways To Display Your Child's Legos?

Legos allow us to tune into our creative sides and imagine whole worlds that we can then bring to life. Building with Legos is something we did as children and now our little ones are able to take part in all the fun as well. When you watch your child's imagination soar as they come up with new Lego ideas and designs, it's a feeling you never want to forget. 

That's why finding the best bedroom Lego display idea for your child's bedroom is essential. Instead of having to break down all their hard work and dedication, you can display their beautiful creations right in their bedroom to see each and every day. 

Be sure to read about a few different Lego display ideas before deciding which one you think would work best. In the guide below, you'll find several display ideas to consider. 

1. Cubby Shelves

Cubby shelves are beneficial for many other things besides shoes or backpacks. A small cubby shelf with square cubby holes is the perfect display case for your child's Lego designs. You can find these cubby shelves in a variety of options.

  • The top of the cubby shelf can be used to display Lego creations as well
  • Extra cubby holes can be used for holding bins filled with spare Lego pieces
  • Favorite books and other toys can also be kept in spare cubbies 

Image courtesy of Wayfair, also comes in a white finish.

For example, some of these shelves are rectangular shaped with square cubbies and others are square-shaped with square cubbies. The shelves also come in a variety of sizes, so you're sure to find one that fits well in your child's room. Before making a decision, think about how many different cubbies your child might need for all their current and future Lego displays. 

If there are any extra cubbies, then you can place bins inside these cubby holes for storing Lego pieces. 

2. Shelves and Bins

If you haven't already thought about installing shelving in your child's room, then installing them now for Lego displays is a wonderful idea. Instead of installing one shelf as you'd normally see on a wall, consider installing three or four shelves on the same wall. 

  • Shelves can be placed in a straight horizontal or vertical line 
  • Shelves can also be installed on the wall with no specific pattern

Image courtesy of Wayfair

Underneath the lowest shelf, you can store a few bins for Lego pieces. On the shelves, you can show off all of your child's Lego designs. If your child's creations are big, then make sure to find shelves wide enough to hold them. 

3. Pull-Out Lego Table

Lego tables can be found at daycares, pediatrician offices, waiting rooms, and other similar places. These tables are normally made of wood and allow children to build fun and exciting towns on top of the table. The tables have raised edges to keep all the Legos in place. 

Although you can buy one of these to place in your child's room, not everyone has the space to do so. If this is the case, then you can place a pull-out table under their bed. A pull-out Lego table is similar to the Lego tables you find at daycares and doctor offices, but it's not raised as high. 

  • Offers a simple solution for smaller rooms
  • Can easily be tucked away under the bed when not using

This makes it possible to slide in and out from under their bed. When they want to show someone what they've built, they can simply slide the table out and enter their own world. 

4. Glass Doors on a Bookcase

Remember how grandma used to display her fine china? You would visit and see those beautiful dishes behind a glass display. Consider the same strategy for displaying your child's most intricate Lego projects! 

Image courtesy of Wayfair

All you need is a bookcase and glass doors. Try to find a bookcase with multiple levels of shelves (instead of the ones with only two or three large sections). You want one with several sections so you can place all the lego creations on it. 

  • Tall and narrow bookcases with more than five shelf sections work best
  • The glass doors are optional, but add some flair to the display

Then, you'll want to have glass doors installed on the bookcase. The glass is optional, as you can also display them on the bookcase without doors, but it makes it more official when it's behind glass. The glass creates a value effect.

You might even want to install pendant lights on each section to act like accent lights and really narrow in the focus on the creations.

5. A Lego Shadow Box

Shadow boxes are a great way to frame items that wouldn't normally fit into a frame to hang on the wall. If you want to frame your child's creations, then a shadow box is the perfect way to do just that! You can find shadow boxes in all types of styles, shapes, and colors. 

  • Shadow boxes are ideal for Lego creations that your child doesn't want to play with or take apart
  • You can find shadow boxes in small sizes for little creations and large sizes for big Lego displays

Once you find some you like are large enough to hold the Lego displays, bring them home and hang them up on the wall in your child's bedroom. Shadow boxes are cool to look at and will prevent the display from being knocked over or accidentally damaged in some way. 

Which Bedroom Lego Display Idea Will You Test Out First?

The best bedroom Lego display idea is what works well for your child's bedroom and their Lego creations. If your child has many Lego creations, then you can even use several of the ideas listed above. What's most important is your little one feeling loved and special. 

When they see you taking the time to display their Legos for them, it'll be a reminder to them that they can be whoever they want to be and to always let their creativity flow!

As a parent, you know just how messy children's rooms can become. Click here for tips and advice on professional organization techniques.

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