icon Wondering If Full Size Sheets Fit A Queen Bed?

Wondering If Full Size Sheets Fit A Queen Bed?

Full Size Sheets vs Queen Bed

One of the most overlooked elements of a DIY bedroom interiors refresh is the bedding.   

Unfortunately, your fitted full-size sheets will probably not fit that amazingly comfy new queen mattress you just bought. However, you may be able to use a full-sized flat sheet in a pinch.

Or, if you are feeling super motivated, you could modify your full-size sheets using a sewing machine. Full disclosure, this seems like a ton of work and frankly not worth the time given the other available options.

 Vice-versa, your queen sheets will be plenty large for a smaller full-sized bed, but you may have to find an aesthetically pleasing way to handle the additional material. This will be more of an issue with the fitted sheets vs flat sheets.

One of the most overlooked elements of a bedroom interiors refresh is the bedding.   

Bed Sheet Size Specifications:

·       Full Sheets:  Usually in the 54 inches wide X 75 inches long range.

·       Queen:  Usually in the 60 inches wide X 80 inches long range.

There is huge differences in both sheet and mattress sizing between manufacturers. This is intentional as companies try to differentiate their products and make them less interchangeable with other brands. Always check to see if your brand of choice has special recommendations or requirements for complimentary products. This could be an important part of your decision to purchase.


Fitted Sheets Or Flat Sheets

Fitted sheets have a band of elastic sewn into the edges of the corners of the sheet and in some cases all the way around the edge. The elastic allows for the corner pockets to fit snuggly on the mattress, holding the sheet in place securely.

Flat sheets may have a finished sewn edge but no elastic and are able to be folded and tucked as needed to fit the mattress. If you are a rough sleeper, it is possible the flat sheet will become untucked from the edges of the mattress. Depending on your personality and sleeping habits this could be an issue.

If you are going to try and use a full-size fitted sheet on a larger mattress, like a full queen or a king size, you will likely have issues. However, it is possible your full-sized flat sheet could work on a slightly larger mattress like a queen sized bed. It is increasingly unlikely to work the larger the mattress.


Sheet Straps May Also Be An Option

Sheet straps are also called sheet suspenders and are made from a stretchable material. Sheet straps are designed to attach to the edge of the sheet and securely fasten the sheet to the mattress from underneath. Some sheet straps will traverse the entire width and length of the mattress and others are designed to simply secure the corners. 

Depending on the age and type of mattress you have, it could be almost impossible to maneuver the sheet straps under the entire mattress. For example, memory foam mattresses are notoriously dense and heavy, where a traditional innerspring pillow-top mattress will likely be easier to handle.


Buy A New Queen Sheet Set.

 I know, you did just spend an arm and a leg on the Queen sized mattress of your dreams. It might be super tempting to get irritated at an additional expense, but how often do you wash or change your sheets?  

Health experts recommend washing and changing your sheets once per week.

 A study from 2012 confirmed that most people only wash and change their sheets on average every two weeks. So, even if you are only changing your sheets every two weeks, and the average lifespan in the US is approximately 78 years, and assume you just turned 30. This means you are going to wrestle with these poorly fitting sheets another 1248 times… Just a thought.

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