icon High Point NC Furniture Market 2021: Highlights, Day 2

High Point NC Furniture Market 2021: Highlights, Day 2

Hyped and Ready to Go

Woke up excited to spend another roaming the hallways at the High Point Furniture Market.  Today, I was accompanied by my friend Michelle.  It was her first time attending market, so it was fun to experience it through her eyes.  Recently, Michelle has started water color painting, so her eye for things is a little different than mine.

Photo of me and my friend Michelle on the bus, both wearing masks.
Me and Michelle on the Shuttle

Suites at Market Square

The plan for the day was to tackle the Suites at Market Square.  I figured there were enough vendors in this one building to keep us occupied for the day, and I was not disappointed.  There are few different sections to this overall building and each has it's own feel, but almost immediately this building felt more youthful and lively.

The first booth we came upon that we both loved was E. Lawrence, Ltd.

Books that have been wrapped with fun quotes on the spines.
Michelle and I share a love of reading and these fine decorative book covers were so much fun!  

Love Their Mission

The next spot that caught our eye was Stephen Wilson Studio.  And can I just say, "WOW!"  Stephen Wilson creates one of a kind artwork using up-cycled high end bags along side unique embroidery pieces and all of it out of Charlotte, NC. Love, love, love!  Please go and click on his website, because my photo does not do it justice!

Stephen Wilson art on the walls, and fun multi-colored carpet tiles on the floor.

The Fun Keeps Going

Around every corner on the first floor was eye candy, upon eye candy.  Instantly I wanted to know more about the Nicolette Mayer Collection and their products.

Clear accent trays with fun words in fun colors that say, "Ooh, Baby!"
They have some great accessories for entertaining: some of the coolest placemats, coasters, trays and 24K wine glasses!

Show Stopper

After a while, we came upon what was the immediate show stopper sofa for me.  I only had to see it from behind and instantly knew I was going to love it.

Velvet grass green sofa and ottoman with accent pillows and throw.
And I'm glad we stopped to speak the representatives, because this sofa is from Sylvester Alexander, a furniture company out of Hickory, NC.  The sofa was not only beautiful but also comfortable!

Lunch & Fine Fabrics

A little after noon, we happened into the Thibaut showroom and sat down in their beautiful showroom and had a boxed lunch courtesy of Salem Kitchen.  I recently picked a Thibaut fabric for a chair I'm going to be re-upholstering and it was fun to take a look at all their other fabric options in person.  

Thibaut signage on a floral wallpaper.
Aside from fabric, they also have a fine furniture line and we found out that it comes from Swaim, another local NC based furniture company.

What a selection!

While lunching, we spoke with a gentleman from Wisconsin and he suggested we make it a point to visit the Hickory Chair Furniture Company showroom.  And boy, am I glad that we did.  It was probably the largest showroom I had been in to date.  And their furniture is so well-made and their showroom is filled with so many great pieces.

White sectional sofa with round ball pillows and above it is a large rattan light fixture.
Their look is definitely classic and timeless and you can tell the quality of their furniture is built to last.

LOVE is right!

A fun part of market is the great schwag you get along the way.  Since we arrived, we had seen this great woven bags with "LOVE" on them and I was wanting one but didn't stop to ask anyone where they got theirs.  I was on the hunt and almost passed by not only the place where they were giving them out, but also what was the highlight showroom of the day!  

The Dovetail showroom not only was giving out the best bags, but also brought the party to market.  They were playing the best music and their showroom was a buzz with people everywhere.  

Looking into a bedroom display through a brick door way.
Their furniture is not only on trend but also the prices are great and I could see specifying their furniture for a lot of different projects.  They offer both indoor and outdoor furniture and accessories.  We tried some of their sofas and found them to be quite comfortable.

High Note

We decided to end on a high note, but had one last stop on the agenda.  We wanted to find the Couture Lamps showroom because our friend Beth Glover, a local Winston-Salem watercolor artist worked on the coolest collaboration with them to create some amazing lamps that are not just functional but beautiful!  This is a follow up collaboration to a wallpaper collaboration she did with Mitchell Black.   

Lamp with watercolor base and matching watercolor wallpaper behind.
And we were so lucky to happen upon the showroom and Beth herself!  I have taken a watercolor class with Beth, but really, Beth (any my friend Kristie who introduced Michelle to Beth's classes) is why my friend Michelle got into watercolor painting this past year.  So it was really cool to actually meet Beth and person and get to share in her excitement for this product launch and also to get to see the product in person.
One more day left of market and I'm ready for more!

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