icon High Point NC Furniture Market 2021: Highlights, Day 3

High Point NC Furniture Market 2021: Highlights, Day 3

Y'all, I'm Tired.

And just like that, my third and final day at the High Point Furniture Market is complete.  And I am wore out.  I feel like I have seen it all, and I probably only saw a small portion of all there was to see.  

Final Trip for Spring 2021

Today was a little harder to energize, but I was excited to go exploring with my social media guru and Project Mask WS partner, Marissa Joyce.  This was her first time attending market, and so it was fun to show her some of the highlights of what I had seen, and we even got to explore a few new spots too.

Photo of me and Marissa wearing masks on the charter bus.
Me and Marissa starting out the day on the bus.

Checking out the C&D Building

Our first stop was the C&D Building.  On the first floor, we both fell in love with Alder & Tweed.  

White sectional sofa, with a black and white cityscape photo behind it, and some cool geometric tables in front.
Their furniture and accessories all have a very distinct and sophisticated look. 
Also in the C&D building we saw the Sarreid Ltd. showroom where we both were struck by this gorgeous chair:
Accent wooden chair with a cool design cut out of the back.


One place that I had overlooked yesterday was the Antique section of Market Square and today we happened upon it.  There were all kinds of vendors from all over the country selling their beautiful one of a kind antiques and wares.

My favorite vendor was La Petite Tresor out of Charleston, SC.  While she does not have a store front, she has a warehouse full of goodies and only sells at shows like Hight Point Furniture Market.

Magenta tufted loveseat with a colorful painting above it and 2 leopard print ottomans below.
And her booth is where I got my first dose of color for the day.   Shortly there after, I came upon these beauties:
Magenta round chair with a purple round ottoman next to a royal blue sofa.
A quick trip around Market Square one last time and we saw Dira with their beautiful African imported home goods.
And we stopped to admire Mastour's Handwoven Designer Rugs.  Their patterns immediately caught our eyes.
Various geometric designs on rugs that are hanging up.

Final Stop

Since this was Marissa's first furniture market, I wanted to take her by the IHFC building to give her a taste of all the vendors in the building.  We started up on the 5th floor and worked our way down.

I had to stop at Codarus, as their beautiful and colorful textiles caught my eye.

Canopy bed with hot pink bedding, an ottoman is in the forefront with colorful striped textile.
From there we headed to Elk Home, where they literally have furniture for every taste.  Their showroom is extensive and their styles range from farmhouse, to beach, to glam to everything in between.  We were also treated to a nice lunch there where we met some of the showroom representatives.
Piece of furniture with a lot of drawers, a painting of a large cow above it and 3 colorful accent tables in red, orange and yellow in the bottom right corner.
I'm pretty well convinced that most anyone can find something they like among their many offerings.

Last Showroom

And down the hall from Elk Home was Revelation by Uttermost.  Room upon room of gorgeous furniture, accessories, lamps and more!  
Living room set up with a dark green wall in the background.
When I worked at CJMW Architecture as a commercial interior designer, we often specified Uttermost products for our hospitality clients, so I am familiar with their quality.  Their showroom was a great way to end my time at market.

That's A Wrap

Photo of me and Marissa in front of a pillar with the HPMKT logo on it.
      Wow friends, that's end of the Spring 2021 market experience for me.  I am so glad that I decided to take advantage of this great opportunity right down the street from where I live and to learn more about all the great interior design furniture and accessory companies out there.  
      Over the course of the last year and a half, it has been a real shame to see many of our local retailers go out of business and it's been disheartening going shopping and looking for home décor because it has really felt like there isn't that much out there.  But after having spent 3 days at market, my faith has been restored.  
      I have stepped into the land of the color and design and I am here to say that it is going nowhere.  I plan to continue attending market to stay fresh and up to date for my clients as well as for myself.  
Thank you for coming along for the journey.  See in you at market in October 2021!


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