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How to Decorate a Long Living Room Wall

Living rooms are the interior of your home's first impression. It wouldn't hurt to spend a little extra time getting the design just right. Unfortunately, creating a well-designed space isn't as easy as buying a bunch of décor for the room.

And it can be even more difficult if you have awkward and hard to decorate areas of the room. But you could also see these areas as opportunities. If you need to decorate a large wall, consider it a chance to get creative.

Want to know how to decorate a long living room wall? Here are great décor ideas that will transform your space.

Create a Library

Consider yourself a reader with an extensive book collection? You don't need to stuff your precious books into a box in storage if you have a bare wall. And you don't need a huge mansion with its own two-story library. 

Create a feature of the room by transforming a large wall into your own personal library.  Build some built-in, floor to ceiling shelves and fill those up with books.

Wall of white bookcases filled with multi-color books

Make the shelves stand out even more by painting them a pop of color that stands out from the wall color. Or try a natural wood tone for a natural touch.

For a stunning extra feature, add a sliding library ladder. The finished product will make a stunning statement in your living room.

Vertical Garden

If you fancy yourself a green thumb, then you should add a focal point to a room with a vertical garden. This is a colorful but minimalistic way of adding something extra to your space.

Try creating a collection of planters you hang across a large wall. Or get creative with a metal grid or a plant frame. The best part of a vertical garden is the variety of plants you can choose from.

A wall of various house plants hanging on a white metal shelving unit

In the living room, try trailing and vining plants. In the bedroom, lush greenery can be relaxing. And in the kitchen, you can plant an indoor herb garden.

Whichever plants you choose, be sure they're a variety that's easy to grow indoors so that they always look healthy. Or, if you love the look but don't have a green thumb, try artificial plants instead.

Add Some Color

An empty wall is the ideal opportunity to branch out and add some color to your space. If you're a lover of bold and eclectic interior design, then you shouldn't shy away from some extra color.

Large living room wall with a light robin's egg blue on the wall behind a sofa, accent chair and plant.

So grab some brushes and rollers and a shade of paint you've always wanted to try and get to work. A wall featuring a bold color is the perfect backdrop in any room.

Try placing your bed against the wall in the bedroom or the sofa in your living room. A large wall of color is also a great backdrop for the other décor ideas on this list.

Hang Floating Shelves

Floating shelves look great in any room. This contemporary design features shelves where the hardware and supports are hidden in the walls, giving the impression that the plank is freely floating.

It's a popular style because they're easy to hang and offers a versatile décor option for every interior design. You have your choice of styles, from rustic wood to modern acrylic to a glam gold rim.

White corner floating shelves with some books and art on them.

Floating shelves look great in every room of your home, not just the living room. Display colorful glassware in the dining room, beauty products in the bathroom, or spices in the kitchen.

On a large living room wall, hang floating shelves to show off books, plants, or family photos.

Try a Little Texture

Who says your walls have to have a flat design? While it's popular in modern design to have a flat finish on the walls, that doesn't mean you can't step out of the box and add a little texture.

White shiplap walls with a green plant in front in a glass vase.

If done right, textured walls can create a unique focal point in your living room, and you have so many options to choose from. Go for a vintage feel with an updated take on wood paneling

Invoke a classic feel with wainscoting or a chair rail. You can also try textured wallpaper to add some interest to the design. And don't be afraid to be creative by adding tiles, faux flowers, or a cloud wall.

Display a Collection

Do you have an unbeatable collection that makes your peers jealous? Then, of course, you should display it on a large blank wall in your living room. Your collection unique so why not boast about it where all your guest can see.

White sofa with multicolored bright accent pillows, bookcase behind sofa with a collection of rainbow items in each square section.

An extensive collection can be not only a great piece of décor but also a conversation starter. Depending on what you collect, you can choose the best way to display them.

Maybe it's mint condition of action figures on a line of shelves or perhaps your favorite pieces of vintage glassware bookcase behind glass. For delicate items like coins or butterflies, display them in a shadowbox hung on the wall.

Paint a Mural

If you want to bring the beauty of art into your home but want a unique way to do it, consider adding a mural to a large blank space. A mural will add a focal point that no one will expect when they visit you.

Geometric wall mural in various colors like orange, pink and teal.

You could choose a simple design that features a few colors and shapes. Or you can have an intricate design of people or scenery. Match your personal interior style by customizing the color tones and art style to your liking.

While it may be time and labor intensive, a mural is definitely something you can do yourself. But, for most people, hiring an artist is the way to go.

Entertainment Center

Your ideal night is having some of your favorite people over, sitting in front of a huge screen and enjoying some entertainment for the next few hours. If that sounds like you, then your living room needs an entertainment center.

Light wood entertainment center with cabinets below and square shelving above with the television in the center.

Create your own personal theatre with a large television, surround sound speakers, and all the storage for movies, shows, and games. With this professional-looking setup, you'll be the go-to home for movie and game night.

But you don't have to stop there. Add lights to create the ambiance and soundproofing to get as rowdy as you want. With a setup like this, you'll never want to leave your home again.

A Classic Gallery Wall

There's a reason that the gallery wall has endured all the design fads and trends. It's because it's a classic way to decorate a blank wall. And also because there are a million ways to do it.

Start by choosing the configuration. You can hang pictures in neat rows or columns or go for a more natural jumble. Then figure out the sizes of the photos: are they all the same, or do they vary?

Gray living room wall with a sofa and chair in front, above the sofa are large black framed photos hanging in a gallery style.

Now that you have your gallery wall base, you can choose what you want to display. You may opt for a collection of art prints, family photos, or a combination of both.

Here are some tips to make a gallery wall look cohesive: Choose photos or art with similar color schemes. For photos, choose either black and white or color images. Lastly, add more dimension by sprinkling objects into the gallery wall.

Hang a Tapestry or Textile Art

A great way to add both texture and art to your interior design is with a tapestry or textile piece like macramé. These are rising in popularity. And while they have a bohemian flair, you can fit them well into many design styles.

Bohemian looking living room, with a cream sofa.  Large circular tapestry above the sofa.  Wicker hanging lights.

These art pieces can easily add a pop of color to any room with their bold prints and patterns. This wall décor will also be ideal for anyone who can't put lots of holes in the wall, like in an apartment or rented home.

Textile art like macramé also offers a great chance to support small and local artists. There are many people who will create these beautiful, one of a kind designs.

Go Bold With Wallpaper

Don't think of the wallpaper that your grandma used to have in her house. Unless, of course, the vintage rose look is your design style. But today's wallpaper is nothing like its predecessor from the past.

Tree wallpaper with deer decoration accents.

Wallpaper is coming back in full force, now offering a variety of designs from modern to electric. You can have very simple geometric prints or bright, bold patterns, so you finding one that fits your style will be no problem.

And one of the best things about modern wallpaper is that it's often easy to install and easy to remove, so it's great for homeowners, apartment dwellers, and home renters.

Oversized Art

You want to make a statement as soon as you walk into the room. You want to create a focal point that gets you compliments from guests. Then your living room needs a piece of oversized art.

Wood blocks spelling, "art" surrounded by a colorful painted background and paint brushes.

Channel the vibe on an art gallery and find a piece that's larger than the standard to hang up on your wall. This could be a large print, painting, or photography that matches your style and décor.

Want to try something a little different? Instead of hanging the art, lean it up against the wall. This gives a cool, chic, laid back aesthetic to displaying your art.

Mix Up Materials

Walls aren't only for paint on canvas or printed photos. If you want to impress with your wall art, try mixing up the materials.

Try a metal wall sculpture that will bring in some movement and visual interest. These pieces can range anywhere from industrial to modern and create a stylish focal point.

Multiple size and colored baskets hanging on a wall

If you're looking for a softer material, try hanging baskets. The soft, wicker and straw pieces can gently add texture to the room. They can also add a bit of color and pattern, depending on the baskets you choose.

Baskets are also a lightweight option, so they don't require a lot of hardware to install.

Wall of Mirrors

Trust me; you're not vain if you add a wall of mirrors to your home. In fact, you'd be in on one of the best interior design tips in the industry. Since mirrors are reflective, they can bounce light around and make the room appear larger.

You can add one giant floor mirror to the space that will help lengthen the floor space. Or you can try a gallery wall of smaller mirrors hung up to help lighten the room.

Beige living room with oversized leather sofas and behind the large sofa is a grouping of mirrors

This trend isn't going anywhere; in fact, it's being expanded upon every day. There are mirrors in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles.

You may like feminine shapes like flowers and hearts or prefer something classic like a circle or rectangle. Or go for modern and electric with abstract shapes and unique frames.

Do Nothing!

This is a power move.

When it comes to interior design, you shouldn't feel pressured to fill a space with any object you don't like. If you don't want to cover a large, blank wall, then don't. If minimalism is your taste, embrace it.

White wall with a white sectional sofa in front, next to the sofa is a plant with some accessories on the floor.

Instead, fill the room with well-thought-out and curated furniture that speaks for itself. An architectural sofa, a large statement light fixture, and well-placed furniture can go a long way in interior design.

So if you don't want a gallery wall or a mural or shelves, don't add them. Instead, focus on the furniture to create a design, so the blank wall feels intentional.

Décor Ideas To Help You Decorate a Large Wall

Looking to transform your living room but don't know where to start? When you're staring at a large, blank wall, you may feel overwhelmed with all the decor possibilities. But that long stretch of wall is a major creative opportunity.

So if you need to know how to decorate a long living room wall, look no further than these décor ideas. Take this inspiration and transform your space, so it looks like it came off the pages of a magazine.

Your own home transformation is right around the corner. Reach out so we can start creating your dream space. We'd love to design for you!

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