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Laundry Rooms With Top Loaders

Tips For Designing The Small Laundry Room With Top Loading Washer.

Let's face it, laundry probably isn't your favorite chore (especially if you have a big family). Piles of unmatched socks and dirty sheets may send you running for cover. 

But you know what makes doing the laundry more manageable? Dare we say, enjoyable?

A beautiful laundry space. Seriously! A stunning space can improve your mood and motivate you to get that laundry done. 

So how do you transform even the smallest laundry room into a space you actually want to be in? Keep reading for our favorite tips on doing just that.

Pick a Style

Before you run out to the store to peruse new racks, baskets, and bins, consider a few questions. What kind of laundry room design ideas have you taken inspiration from? Have you considered your style or the style of your home?

Your small laundry room design should connect to the style of the rest of the house. You want each room to flow effortlessly into one another. The laundry room is no exception. 

But you may not know what your interior style is. Or, you may be giving your laundry room a full makeover. If so, consider the architectural style of your home.

You can base your choices on that style or branch out into something complementary. But to get you started, here are some of our favorite motifs and how to apply them to your laundry space.

Traditional Style

A traditional laundry room will be minimalistic and clean. Think shiny, white tile against white cabinets. Maybe you incorporate black and white tiling on the floor or bring in a pop of baby blue on the walls. 

Or, you may opt to bring in hardwood or vinyl floors. Try a darker wood tone to contrast the cool, neutral colors on your walls and furniture.

The key with a traditional style is to keep it simple. Don't overload your countertops or shelves with clutter. Stick to the bare essentials: detergent, fabric softener, dryer sheets, bleach.

And if you can, keep your accessories tucked away in a cabinet or drawer. Research shows that clutter impacts health (and not in a good way). 

Farmhouse Style

The essence of farmhouse style is woods and whites. So incorporate rich wood colors on the floor or behind your units. Raw-edge wood shelves are another great farmhouse staple.

And no farmhouse laundry room is complete without at least one vintage sign. Pick one that harkens back to laundry or has a quote that makes you smile.

2 glass jars filled with cotton balls and clothes pins

Image Courtesy of Pottery Barn

Use clear glass jars to store your powders and dryer sheets and display them on your shelves. And don't forget to accent your space with antique decor. Keep your eye out for vintage washing boards, irons, or unique wall art.   

Sleek and Modern

You may shudder at the thought of faded wood and inspirational quotes. If so, something sleek and modern may be more up your alley. If you prefer the look of stark contrasts, opt for black cabinetry and white tile floors (or vice versa). 

But you don't have to go that sharp with this style. You can bring in dark browns, greens, or greys against lighter tones of the same color. To complete the look, install modern cabinets or appliances. 

Any hanging rods you use should be thin, dark, and understated. If you're in the market for a new front-loading washer and dryer set, opt for charcoal-colored stainless steel models. 

Purely Functional

The functional laundry room is less about style and more about substance. This is the laundry room with baskets, storage units, and drawers for every item. 

This approach is great for families that aren't looking to redecorate the entire room. You can use it to reorganize what you've already got.

If you do your folding and sorting outside of the laundry room, consider bringing it all into the same space. Set up a table along the far wall. Use that to fold your clothes and add shelves and baskets underneath where you can sort them.

Cozy and Cute

Cozy and cute is a great style for those who love color and a little touch of whimsy. An easy way to make your laundry space fun and inviting is by dressing one wall in a bright, patterned wallpaper. You can choose one that invokes a feeling of nature or let your imagination take over. 

Image of a blue and white swirl type wallpaper

Image courtesy of Tempaper

Pick two or three of your favorite colors and let those inform your choices. Love orange? Wrap an orange cover over your ironing board or let your Tide detergents stand proudly on the shelf for all to see.

Light woods against white walls and tiles works great in this style. But make sure you add in your own personal flair with the accents. A cute clock or a gallery wall of family photos are great finishing touches.

Make It Work for You

Now that you have a sense of the style you're bringing to the space, it's time to make it work. After all, the laundry room is a room with a purpose. You've got to be able to do what you need to do while you're there. 

So think about your process. How do you and your family do laundry? Do you sort ahead of time or right before each load?

Laundry room with a lot of cabinet storage

Image courtesy of Pottery Barn

Do you want to have certain things within arm's reach or would you prefer tucking everything away? Maybe you focus on function over organization. Knowing what you prioritize when you walk into your laundry room will help you set it up well.

If you're unsure of how to organize a small room, start with your essentials. Keep those close by. Then, store things that you use less often under the sink, in the cabinet, or in another room. 

Use Your Vertical Space

Using vertical space is a must in a small laundry room. If you can, put in a small cabinet. These can fit above your top-loading washer or on an adjacent wall.

If you don't have the space, try putting in a peg board. Then, hang your detergents and cleaning supplies from that. Peg boards are often inexpensive and easy to install, making them a great option for families on a budget.


Close up of wall with dryer and shelves above with metal letters Laundry above


Image courtesy of Pottery Barn

You can also hang a curtain rod between your cabinets or against the walls on either side of your units. Use these to dry dress shirts or hang your detergents from hooks. You'll be able to grab things easily, and it keeps the clutter off the floor.

Finally, try installing a small shelf right above your washer and dryer. It's likely that your units stick out from the wall ever so slightly. Putting a shelf over the gap is a great way to use that space and give yourself a surface to place your products on.

Incorporate Angles

With baskets and bins nestled above your top loader, you may reach for the step-ladder more than you'd like. To make things easier, incorporate angles into the layout of your laundry room.

Hang your wire shelves at an angle, with the lip facing up. Then, when you rest your baskets on top, you'll have an easier time pulling out what you need. You'll also have an easier time seeing what you've sorted.

Hide Your Drawers

For a different take on storage ideas, try hiding your storage. Install a pull-out drying rack that you can tuck away after use. 

Or keep your laundry bins hidden by keeping them in deep drawers. Pull them open when you're ready to use them. Otherwise, they stay hidden away out of sight.

Embrace Mobile Storage

In small laundry rooms, you may have to embrace some mobile storage. If you don't have the space to install cabinets, try a rolling cart instead. These three-to-five-tier carts are inexpensive and come in a wide range of fun colors.

White empty cart

Image courtesy of The Container Store

Use them to store your detergents and cleaners. When you need them, pull the cart over for a quick grab-and-go. Once you're finished, roll the cart into the corner and you're done!

You can use this tip for laundry baskets, too. If your kids hate lugging their laundry to the washer, swap their bins for rolling baskets. Just like that, the chore becomes less of a hassle.

Get the Right Accessories

Aside from baskets and drying racks, what else do you need in a laundry room? You may find it useful to have a fold-out ironing board right there by the dryer. This is a space and time-saver when you need to iron things before putting them back in your closet. 

Another simple laundry room idea is to have a designated lint bin. No more piles of lint on top of the dryer; bring in a bin especially marked for lint. 

And you can take your personal organization a step further. Bring in designated wire or clear bins for your products. And label each bin, drawer, or cabinet to make sure you never lose track of anything. 

Creating the Perfect Laundry Space

Making your laundry space perfect takes time and a touch of creativity. So hopefully these tips will get your imagination working. 

Once it's all finished, you may find yourself wanting to spend even more time in the laundry room. (Hey, you may surprise yourself!)

If you want to know how to take your design ideas to the next level, consider reaching out for a consultation. To get in touch, click here.

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