Ideas For Designing The Teenage Gamer Bedroom

Teenager at dual monitor gamming setup

There are 2.2 million gamers worldwide, and the number is growing as more people seek to make their dreams of getting paid to play video games a reality. Usually, the typical gamer is a teenager and if you're like other teenagers having the perfect setup is only the beginning.

If you're not sure what kind of setup you're looking for, we're glad you're here. Below you're going to find some teenage gamer bedroom ideas that will make even your opponents jealous.

1. Multiple Monitors

The ultimate teenage boy video game bedroom features multiple monitors. If you're a passionate gamer, you'll understand how important it is to have monitors to see every inch of the playing field.

Not only is the hardware you play with important, but you'll also need a desk to support everything. And let's be honest, how many teenagers can say that their parents hooked them up with one of the coolest gaming bedrooms in town.

2. Themed Rooms

When designing a room for a teenage boy, it's best to get your inspiration from the games and things your teenager likes. If your teen is an avid Star Wars fan, decorate his room with various Star Wars memorabilia.

It might take some time to gather everything you need, but when your teen enters into the space, they're going to know that 'the force is with them.'

3. Light It Up

Who doesn't love lights to make their room come to life? Teenagers love lights that aren't your typical white bulbs.

There are several places in your area where you can find different color LED lights to hang around his room. It will also push the design theme if you find a gaming chair that features lights and use some of the lights on his gaming desk.

4. Surround Sound

While being able to see what you're playing is crucial in the world of gaming, there are other aspects like sound that are just as crucial. Gamers need to be able to hear their partners, especially when they're in trouble.

If you can't hear your partner, the game is as good as over.

How Will I Know if It'll Look Right?

We understand designing a room for a teenager can either be hit or miss. We recommend using teenage bedroom design games to figure out how the room will look before making any huge purchases.

If there's something about the room that your teen doesn't like, you can always make the necessary changes. From there, you will have the information you need to move forward with the room makeover.

Teenage Gamer Bedroom Ideas

There are tons of teenage gamer bedroom ideas, and we've shared a few of them with you above. You might install a wall of monitors to help your teen keep an eye on his competition or create a themed room complete with rugs and other decorative pieces.


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