icon Wall Art For Spring 2021

Wall Art For Spring 2021

Need some new art to change things up around your house?

In case you don't know, I love art!!  Wall art can be a quick and simple way to really change things up in your space or round out an existing look.  I found a few pieces that stood out to me for one reason or another.  I hope you enjoy.

Pick #5:



What I love about this piece from World Market is that it is a diptych, meaning it's 2 pieces instead of one.  It's great for a piece over a sofa, bed or any other large expanse of space where you need something beautiful to look at.  I also love the theme of the mountains, but yet is abstract and the colors are bold and beautiful. 

Pick #4

The minute I saw these prints from Haus and Hues I instantly responded to the mid-century design and the colors!  The bold colors paired with the simple lines is just perfection.

Pick #3

These piece from at PBTeen is great because it's a wrapped canvas, so it's ready to go on your wall as soon as you receive it.  The simplicity and black and white imagery of the word Love is great and will also go with any other art pieces you may have.  This is a great stand alone piece or on a gallery wall.

Pick #2

This Banksy Love Heart Graffiti Canvas comes framed and also ready to go on your wall.  What's great about this pieces is that it comes in 6 different sizes.  So you can find any place in your home to make it work.  I love it because it's raw and brings a part of the outside world inside but in a different way than nature.


Pick #1

This Margo Selby Colorblock Lacquer Square Wall Art from West Elm had me at first click.  I actually gasped when I saw it for the first time.  If you know me, you know I love colors and these 4 pieces are just brilliant.  The colors, the composition, it all works so beautifully.  If you are needed to brighten up a spot in your home, this set of 4 is what I would recommend.

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