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Original Artwork By Melissa Vickers

We Are All Artists

When given the chance, I enjoy drawing in my journal or painting signs.  Painting signs started a few years back when I made some signs to be displayed in yards throughout our neighborhood.  I had extra wood and latex paint laying around and started painting words and symbols that resonated with me. 

I love bright colors, and the more the better.  My work is usually small, but detailed.  The symbols or wording I use, usually have a spiritual intention behind them.  I want my art to inspire and have meaning to those who will display it.  

At home, we have a small alter space that is in our main living area.  It is a reminder  for our family to honor that which is sacred.  Sacred is different for everyone, but I hope that what I create can speak to people of different faiths and belief systems.     My goal is to create beauty through love and intention.  I hope you enjoy what you see.

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