icon 2 Vanity Bathroom Ideas: 5 Things To Consider

2 Vanity Bathroom Ideas: 5 Things To Consider

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Are you ready to say goodbye to fighting over the bathroom sink?

A home's master bathroom is one of its biggest selling points, right behind the kitchen, of course. A bathroom that provides luxury, convenience, and comfort is one that will draw attention. It's also one that will offer you something you might currently be missing.

A large vanity with double sinks can be a great addition for couples constantly waiting in line to use the sink and bumping elbows when there's no time to take turns. Designing your new bathroom space will take a bit of planning, though. 

For all the information you need when designing a bathroom with a double vanity, continue reading below!

1. The Amount of Available Space

Minimum Space needed: 48 inches

Best Fit: 72 inches or more

Extended measuring tape

Although you'll be able to fit your double sinks in a space as little as 48 inches, you must keep in mind that with this amount of space, you're going to sacrifice your counter space. The sinks will take up most of the countertop and the plumbing underneath will prevent you from installing drawers directly under the counter.

If you can design your layout to give your vanity 72 inches, then you'll have plenty of counter space, including both sinks, and room to install drawers ideal for extra storage. In a small bathroom where 72 inches isn't available, you can still install your double vanity and include storage space in other areas, such as in medicine cabinets or storage racks. 

2. The Bathroom's Layout

  • Double vanities can be installed as one horizontal unit and cabinetry
  • Double vanities can also be installed as two separate cabinet units

Double vanities can be installed as a single unit or two separate cabinet units. The choice is yours and will depend on the layout you want to design. There's no right or wrong answer, simply what works best for you and fits your style.

drawn architectural home plans with a pen

This is definitely where even a short consultation with an interior designer may be helpful. A little bit of planning on the front-end can prevent heartburn during or after install.

3. The Style of Double Vanity

  • Do you like modern cabinets and granite countertops, or are you looking for a more traditional feel?
  • There's an endless amount of styles to choose from including the following: floating vanities, pedestal sinks, traditional cabinets, and more
double vanity sing with white marble top

Image courtesy of Wayfair

Choosing the style and design of your vanity might be the most fun part of the entire process! To help you make a decision, think about the style of the rest of your home and whether you want to change things up with an eclectic funky look or keep things consistent.

If under counter storage is not a major priority, you may want to consider floating vanities or pedestal vanities. They'll take up less space and make the bathroom feel larger than it is. If you want extra storage and countertop space, then traditional cabinets are a better option.

4. The Fixtures You Want to Install

  • Fixtures include the following: lighting, hardware, mirrors, and faucets
compilation of bath fixtures and lighting options by melissa vickers design

Make sure the fixtures you choose match well with the rest of your bathroom's design. This is also another area of the design process where you can have lots of fun. Head to your local home improvement shop or browse fixtures online.

Do not be afraid to experiment, but make sure to pay attention to function. You may love that uber funky and eclectic fixture, but if it is so unique it will be hard to find simple replacement parts for, you may want to reconsider.

There are many wonderful options to choose from for all of the different necessary fixtures. Feel free to be creative and choose fixtures you wouldn't normally see in a home's bathroom. Don't forget to design your vanity so it works well for you.  

5. The Storage Options

  • Different vanity styles will come with different storage options
wooden vanity with double sink modern

Image courtesy of Wayfair

Bathrooms that have built-in storage like linen closets or open shelving may increase your options when it comes to choosing a vanity. Bathrooms without these storage options might require you to select a vanity that provides you with as much storage as possible. You can choose traditional cabinets with doors, or you can select a double vanity countertop with open shelves underneath. 

If you need even more storage, then consider choosing a vanity with drawer stacks. If you selected separate double vanities, then you can even install extra storage shelves between the two vanities in addition to the storage cabinets under each one. 

Have Fun With Your Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom renovations are an exciting time for homeowners. This is your chance to make the necessary changes to design a space that works for you. Installing a double vanity may be an excellent choice for couples and others looking for an extra sink and fewer wait times.


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