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Living Room Sideboard Decor Ideas

Sleek modern white and gret living room with a well decorated white sideboard

Sideboards combine the practicality of extra storage space with endless display opportunities, making them a great addition to your home decor. 

But, while they were originally intended for storing dinnerware in the dining room, sideboards have come into their own in recent years. As such, you're now more likely to see them in pride of place in a living room rather than relegated to a hidden corner. 

In need of some decorating ideas to help you style your living room sideboard? Keep reading to find out how!

1. Harness the Power of Three

The 'rule of three' is ubiquitous across all areas of design, from websites to interiors. But how does this rule apply to your living room sideboard display? 

Many people assume it means that you need three of each accessory. Although that's true to an extent, these accessories need an element of distinction to help highlight the uneven yet connecting force of the number three.

white ceramic geometric vases from west elm on a table

Image courtesy of West Elm

For example, it's not enough to place three identical candles on top of your sideboard in a row. These candles should be different sizes, shapes, or colors, offering a mixture of similarity and difference at the same time. Likewise, the distinct elements of your display, such as plants, a lamp, and artwork, need to contribute different heights, colors, and decor styles into the mix.  

And, for the full effect to work, another of my top sideboard tips is to arrange your collections of threes in a triangular formation. In most cases, this will mean placing the tallest of your decorative accessories at the back to the left, the middle-height objects to the right, and the shortest at the front center. Try it for yourself to see how pleasing it looks to the eye. 

2. Consider Your Color Palette

When deciding how to decorate your sideboard, it's important to consider your existing decor styles and color palette. This will make it easier to complement and combine all the room's features together. 

Image on left is of a pillow, middle image is of a chair and image on the right is 2 light brown glass vases.

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For example, if your living room has emerald green and gold accents, try to incorporate one or both of these colors into your sideboard ideas. This could mean resting a gold-framed print on the sideboard, adding a lamp with an emerald green shade, or arranging emerald green candles on a golden tray.

However, don't feel that all your sideboard accessories have to incorporate these colors. As with the rest of the room, combining these striking accents with neutral shades and clean lines ensures they don't become overpowering.

3. Get Personal

Interior design rules and decorating ideas can help to guide you. But you should never lose sight of your personal tastes and preferences when considering decor styles. Remember, a display sideboard is a prime piece of living room real estate, so you should use it to show off your personality!

This might mean that the home decor items you choose aren't to everyone's taste. But at least your display will feel authentic, representing a powerful narrative that speaks to you and your priorities.

From DIY artwork to your collection of pink flamingos, a quirky flea market vase to your grandmother's favorite teacup, making space for these kinds of meaningful items will guarantee that your living room sideboard ideas are one of a kind. 

4. Include Organic Elements

The clean lines and sharp angles of a sideboard add structure and definition to your living room. This is often a welcome contrast to the blankets, pillows, throws, rugs, and other textured soft furnishings that help make the room cozy and inviting. But, it's often a good idea to add organic design elements to your sideboard display to help tie this piece of furniture in with the rest of your living room. 

Wooden living room side board decorated with vase and twigs

Image Courtesy of CB2

Fresh flowers and plants are an obvious choice. But try to opt for a rounded vase or plant pot rather than anything too structured or angular. Other options include moss balls, pampas grass, and tree branch cuttings. Or, if you prefer marine-themed organic elements, a large scallop shell bowl or decorative dried coral might be more your style. 

5. Create a Stylish Feature Wall

Creating a stunning sideboard display isn't only about the decorative items you place on top. There's also a lot of scope for turning your sideboard into a stylish vignette by hanging some form of wall art above it. 

sideboard desert photos decoration in black and white

Image Courtesy of Pottery Barn

Original artwork makes a great addition to your home, bringing new life, color, and more than a hint of personality to your walls. By positioning your sideboard underneath a print, photo, or wall sculpture, you draw attention to both elements. And, as a result, the wall decoration can guide the kinds of sideboard ideas you go with as a way to tie everything together. 

For example, a red abstract painting above a wooden sideboard might look disjointed. But, add a vase of red craspedia to the sideboard or a trio of minimalist red candlesticks, and the combination will feel more considered. 

6. Switch Things Up

While overloading your sideboard with trinkets is a big no-no, I highly recommend changing your accessories around from time to time.

This could mean something as simple as switching your coffee table plant and sideboard vase around. Or, you might want to move objects between your bedroom, hall, or even your kitchen, and the living room. Small changes like this can have a big impact on the feel and energy of your space. And the best part is, you don't even have to buy anything new!

Living Room Sideboard Ideas to Inspire You

The beauty of adding a sideboard to your living room is the way it can fulfill its purpose of stowing away items while also acting as a decorative feature. 

After all, there's not much more to do with your couch than sit on it, and your TV is all function and no form. But, as these sideboard tips show, you can have a lot of fun adding a few accessories and a whole lot of style to this versatile piece of furniture. 

Looking for more interior design inspiration and styling tips? Feel free to get in touch today!

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