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How to Create the Ultimate Bedroom Gaming Room Design

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Do you have a gamer in your home? Are you a gamer yourself? Why not set up the ideal gaming room? 

Even if you don't have a spare room for a full gaming room, creating a bedroom gaming room design is a great way to create a relaxing space where you can play and show off all of your favorite games. 

Creating a great gaming area is a bit different from creating the perfect home office or living room, but that doesn't mean that it's not going to be fun. You can put your home décor skills to the test.

I'm here to offer you some advice and inspiration so you can make the gamer room of your dreams. Keep reading for my favorite video game room ideas and be sure to take notes!

Show Off and Organize

If you have a gamer in your household who uses any kind of console, you know that the boxes and game discs or cards can stack up. Games get misplaced in boxes where they don't belong. Some boxes go missing altogether.

Part of your game room décor can solve this problem. Why not combine form and function? 

Keep in mind that this is going to be a large task. If you're not the gamer in question, consider having the person who's going to be staying in that room help you out. 

It's time to get organized. First, find and organize all of the games. Different people like different organizational methods, so it's a good idea to ask first.

Most people like games to be separated by console and then listed alphabetically. Others, though, may want things organized by color or by the type of game. For example, they may want first-person shooters in one area and simulation games in another.

Gray display cabinet with glass doors
Image courtesy of Wayfair

Next, you're going to need places to put the games. You have a few options. You can use:

  • Bookshelves
  • Wall shelves
  • Trophy or display cases
  • Wall cabinets
  • Standing cabinets

You want something that's easy to see and access. The games can be part of the decorative factor of the room while also being ordered in such a way that they're easier for anyone to find when it's time to play. 

Get Comfortable

It's important to have the right furniture when you're setting up video game rooms. While you could play video games from the bed, this isn't good for sleep hygiene. It's better to have a separate designated area for gaming if possible. 

There are chairs made specifically for gaming, but depending on what kind of gamer is in the house, you want to make sure that you make the right choice.

If you have a PC gamer, you want to get a computer gaming chair. These look similar to fancy office chairs, but they tend to have more features. They may have bucket seats, more comfortable backrests, adjustable armrests (for easy arm movement while playing), and firm neck rests. 

White gaming chair
Image courtesy of Amazon

Gaming chairs come in many colors, so pick one that's going to match the overall aesthetic of the room. Many female gamers love the popular pink and white chairs, while a man cave might be more suited to a black chair.

Before picking your chair based on gender, ask the gamer what they want. 

For console games, you have more options. You can choose to have low chairs that are meant for lounging on the floor with games, but you can also use standard furniture as long as it's comfortable. Rounded loveseats are great for gaming rooms.

It's nice to have a chair or loveseat with cupholders so that your gamer has somewhere to put their snacks and drinks at arm's reach.

Make a Console Station

Speaking of console gamers, why not create an area where all of the consoles can go together? 

For this, you're going to want a prominent television. If you've saved up, going as large as possible is a nice idea (unless your gamer uses old-school consoles. Older games don't look as good on larger screens, so keep this in mind). 

Black TV entertainment center with 2 large glass cabinets on either side of the shorter cabinet in the middle that holds the tv.
Image courtesy of Wayfair

A large TV stand is perfect for organizing and showing off consoles. Pick one with glass doors or open shelves for the best visual experience. For added "oomph," line the shelves with colorful light bars (we'll talk more about cool lighting options later). 

The perfect gaming room setup isn't complete if you don't have a place to organize wires and cords. Everyone who plays a lot of consoles knows that cords get tangled.

Get an adapter so all of the cords can go into the television at once, and a surge protector so all game consoles can be plugged in without having to unplug something else. 

Make sure to leave a shelf open for all of the controllers and controller chargers (if applicable). You want to create easy access. 

Create the Right Computer Setup

Part of a good gaming room setup is having the perfect PC or computer setup. Gaming PCs are expensive, and it's important to keep them safe and on display.

Does your gamer already have their ideal PC? Ask them if they want to add lights to the inside of the computer tower. This is a great way to add more color and light to a room that's normally quite dark. 

Back of the head of a boy paying a video game and you see the screen over his shoulder, it's blurry

Consider the keyboard. If your gamer already loves their keyboard as-is, leave it alone. If not, there are plenty of great colorful gaming keyboards that add flair to any gaming room. You can even get special keys to replace the boring keys that come with most keyboards. 

Next, are they a mouse user or a controller user? Before making changes, ask them how they prefer to play. 

When it comes to screens, some gamers prefer one large screen while others prefer having full "battle stations" for their games. Having multiple screens is great for a wider gaming experience, but it's also great for anyone who likes to stream their games.

What About Streamers? 

On that note, if the gamer in the household is also a video game streamer, make sure that that you pay a lot of attention to the area that would be behind them if they were playing games. You want to create a good "background" for their streams. 

Some people prefer having a greenscreen behind them. If this is true for your gamer, you could put a rolling greenscreen up near the ceiling for them to pull down when it's time to stream. 

If not, focus all of your artwork and design on the area behind the streamer. They'll appreciate it (and so will their viewers). 

If you have a streamer in the household, you also want to set up a great camera and microphone. While you can stream with a standard built-in webcam, professional-quality streaming requires some more high-tech gear.

Consider picking up a good set of headphones while you're at it. 

Improve Your Sound System

On the topic of improving the gaming experience, a good game room design isn't complete without a great sound system. 

Speaker next to a computer screen with neat purple lighting background

Try to create a sound experience that's immersive. You can have speakers all over the room (or in the gaming nook) so your gamer can feel as though they're "inside" the game. 

You don't need something to be loud for it to be effective. High-quality speakers give off great sound even when they're not at full volume. 

Decorate the Space

Once you have all of the technical stuff out of the way, the surface-level decoration can begin. You want to make sure that your gaming room looks as good as it functions. 

This is going to vary depending on your gamer's preferences. What kinds of games are they into? Do they want decorations themed around their games, or do they like a more techy look, or something more minimalist? 

Here are a few decorating ideas that work for some of the more popular room design styles. 

For Themed Rooms

Themed rooms are a lot of fun, but they tend to be popular amongst younger gamers. Before you choose this route, make sure that the gamer in your house is comfortable in a room that's themed around their favorite games. It might be overstimulating, making it hard for them to sleep at night. 

Pick a game or franchise that your gamer loves. Star Wars, Zelda, World of Warcraft, and Mario are all popular game franchises, but there are far more than that.

Galaxy image of just stars

Your gamer might want an Animal Crossing room or one that's focused on Pokémon. 

Wall decals and posters are great for theme rooms. Popular games almost always have wall decals available. For printed art, consider looking into websites like Etsy or Society6 for art that other fans have created. 

There are all kinds of fun figurines for most games, so don't stop at the walls if you don't want to. 

For Tech Rooms

Tech rooms are much easier (but sometimes more expensive) than themed rooms. These rooms are "cool" and modern. There tend to be a lot of colorful lights in a room that's otherwise black. 

Living room with windows showing a city setting in the background, it's evening and there are neat LED lights in multiple colors along the wall molding and under the coffee tables
Image courtesy of LightStrips

For this kind of room, screens take center stage. This is a great place to incorporate elements of a smart home if you don't have one already. Adding smart lights or a voice assistant (or both) amps up the "modern" factor and makes the room more functional. 

For the walls, consider adding things like neon or LED signs. This gives that "cyberpunk" aesthetic and adds a cool light to the room. 

For Minimalist Rooms 

Minimalist rooms sometimes go together with tech rooms, but not always.

A minimalist room design is harder. You want to make sure that nothing looks cluttered or "loud." This means that displaying the games, as we mentioned before, might not be the best choice. In this case, using cabinets is a great way to store games so they're out of sight but still easy to access. 

Bedroom with white bedding on a dark gray wall, black headboard and nightstands and a white curtain on the window on the left

For minimalist rooms, most people like white or black (or a combination of the two). Everything looks neat and clean. The gaming area should be segmented away from the sleeping area so there's a clear divide.

As far as wall art goes, keep it simple. Geometric patterns are great. You can even find simple art in gaming themes if you want to incorporate games into the décor.

Pick the Perfect Lighting

 A good room for gaming has great lighting. Remember, the darker the room, the better the screens look. That doesn't mean that you don't need lights; it means that you need to be selective when you're choosing them.

Custom Neon Sign on a brick wall under a white cabinet
Image courtesy of Lucky Neon

Ambient lighting is less important here. Your primary light source might be the screens most of the time. Instead, focus on small wall sconces, strip lights, or the aforementioned LED or neon signs. 


Lighting in gaming rooms tends to be colorful. Bright reds, blues, and pinks are popular amongst gamers. 

It's a good idea to have extra lighting around the TV cabinet or stand, as well as the structures holding the games, so that the gamer can find what they're looking for with ease. 

Create Your Perfect Bedroom Gaming Room Design

Have these design ideas inspired you? When it comes to bedroom gaming room design, you can get creative. It's fun to work together with the gamer in your household to develop a fun and comfortable space for them to relax and play all of their favorite games.

Whether they love streaming games from their PC or they prefer lounging on the floor with their Xbox, PlayStation, or Switch, these room ideas are great for everyone. 

Are you looking for help with your interior design? I want to help you! Contact me to talk about your project and we can get started today.  

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