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12 Creative Lego Set Display Ideas

Are your child’s Lego creations piling up all over? Maybe you don’t know what to do so you tear them apart and are looking for Lego set display ideas. Let's face it, toy storage is always a problem, and those tiny Legos are a killer if you step on one with your bare feet.

Lego logo with Lego bricks surrounding it.

Legos have been bringing pleasure to kids since 1932 but were not introduced to the United States until 1962. In excess of 400 million people worldwide have enjoyed playing with Lego bricks and the popularity continues. Seven Lego sets are sold every second around the world. 

Give your child a sense of pride in their creations and give your home a unique look with our collection of Lego collection display ideas.

1. Bookcase

Purchase a sturdy bookcase to display the assembled Lego sets on. Most bookcases have adjustable shelves so you can create a narrow shelf height for the Lego mini-figures. Allow more space between other shelves to hold larger Lego vehicles and buildings.

White ladder step bookcase
Image courtesy of Wayfair

Another consideration is to purchase a bookcase with glass doors. The doors provide protection from the curious hands of younger siblings and provide a classy look to the display. This type of display will work well in a bedroom or main part of the home.

2. Floating Shelves

When you purchase DIY floating shelves you receive a lot of storage that can be decoratively arranged on walls in the playroom, child’s bedroom, or family room. The beauty of a floating shelf is there are no visible brackets, the shelf appears to float in midair.

2 rectangular wooden floating shelves
Image courtesy of Wayfair

This is an economical DIY project, using inexpensive hollow-core doors to keep the shelf lightweight. If you purchase the shelving material unfinished you can paint or stain them to match the décor of the room, providing a decorative accent.

3. Underbed Lego Table

This is an easy DIY project that your child is going to love. Take a sheet of plywood and attach Lego base plates, covering the entire board. Tuck the built building board under your child's bed. When they want to play and build, simply pull the board out and they can create and save entire cities on the board. Their creations are kept in place on the board and it is easy to tuck the board back under the bed when playtime is over.

4. Floating Crates

Purchase inexpensive wood crates in a variety of sizes and paint them to fit the color theme of the playroom or child’s bedroom. You can then either mount them to the wall or stack them to form a shelving unit.

Simple light colored wood crate

You can also purchase prebuilt cubicle shelving sets designed for crafters. These units contain a mixture of shelves and storage bins that make it easy for your child to both display and store extra Lego bricks and other toys. These large units work well along one wall of the child's bedroom, helping to keep everything neat and organized. 

5. Lego Display Shelves

Mount Lego base plates on a sturdy piece of wood with wall hangers on the back. Use Lego bricks to build narrow shelves that you then attach to the base plates. Use these tiny Lego shelves to display Lego mini-figures or other small Lego accessories.

6. Mini-figure Shelves

Wall mount shelf with small cubbies
Image courtesy of Wayfair

Those tiny Lego figurines are a must-have, but how to display them? It is easy, simply purchase narrow crown molding cut into shelf length. You can then mount the crown molding on the wall to form narrow shelves. These are great for displaying the mini figurines or other small items built from Legos.

7. Memorabilia/Shadowbox Frame

If you have figurines that your child does not want to play with but wants on display, look at memorabilia boxes. Depending on the width of the item built from Legos, a memorabilia display box will mount on the wall and protect the item behind glass, creating an interesting conversation piece in your décor.

If you have random brick pieces that are not being used, consider creating a matte that looks like a mini figurine and use it in a shadow box. You can then fill it with spare pieces to create a focal point in any room of the house.

8. Hang Them From The Ceiling

Granted, you probably don’t want houses and automobiles dangling from a ceiling, but what about those Star Wars ships, airplanes, and other aircraft built from Legos.  Your child will love seeing their Lego creations on display as aircraft in flight from their bedroom ceiling.

To accomplish this you will need a sturdy hook and clear fishing wire. Fasten the hook into the ceiling. Carefully wrap the clear fishing wire around the aircraft you are displaying so it is secure and hangs in balance.

9. Display Case Coffee Table

Use a coffee table that has a display area covered in glass. This is a unique way to display unusual or extensive builds that are difficult to place in other locations. The unusual items will become a conversation piece for your guests.

Metal frame, base of display area is wood, glass top coffee table
Image courtesy of Wayfair

As your child builds new items it is easy to switch older items out and place new ones into the table, creating an every changing Lego art display.

10. Elite Gloss Black Acrylic LED Display Case

This case is both lighted and mirrored, built specifically for displaying Lego mini figurines. The mirrored backing allows the figurine detail to show in both front and back. The light bouncing off the mirror creates a magical look.

Black and acrylic Lego display case that holds Legos
Image courtesy of Amazon

The case is made of durable acrylic and comes fully assembled. It is roomy, measuring 12” tall x 17-5/8” wide x 9-3/8” deep, so there is plenty of room. The case comes with an optional figure riser to create a second level, allowing more figurines to be displayed fully visible.

11. Vintage Printers Tray

Stop by an antique shop and purchase a vintage printer’s tray. The small areas of the tray are perfect for displaying Lego mini figurines and other small pieces from Lego sets. The printer’s tray draws interest and can easily be used in the main part of the home as a piece of artwork.

2 printer's trays mounted on a wall, a larger one is leaning against them.
Image courtesy of Pottery Barn

These look very similar to the shelving noted above.

12. Ornament Display Box

Ornament display boxes are designed to hang on your wall and have cubicles in them to hand collectible ornaments. This is the perfect way to display some of the larger mini figurines or smaller Lego vehicles. While ready-made versions are available, there are also plans available for those who want to build their own. 

13. Matchbox/Hot Wheels Display Case

Display case showing Hot Wheels cars only
Image courtesy of Amazon

The wall displays designed to hold these small cars are the perfect size for displaying Lego mini figurines. Simply hang the display case sideways on the wall. These cases usually have a clear plastic cover that prevents the figurines from falling out, but a child can easily open and close the case without the risk of breaking glass.

The History of Lego

Legos seem to have been around forever. Your parents likely played with them as a child, then you enjoyed them when you were growing up. Now your children are enjoying the fun of building with plastic bricks.

The Lego block design is the 1932 creation of Ole Kirk Kristiansen in 1932. Located in Billund Denmark and originally built of wood, the blocks were very popular. Kristiansen named them Lego, which means “play well” in Danish.

By 1949 the Lego blocks were being made of plastic and a worldwide addiction was inevitable. Everyone from parents to the youngest child loved the ability to design and build their own creations. It remains a never-ending discovery because items can be built, torn apart and bricks re-used for a new idea. 

Close up of various Lego packages

The bricks you purchase today are the same design they were in 1958. The unique interlocking stud and tube system provide unlimited building opportunities. Lego is constantly developing new playsets to keep kids building.

The Lego company is still in the same family, passing from father to son it is now owned by Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, a grandchild of the original founder.

Today Lego is one of the largest manufacturers of toys in the world. They have manufactured 400 billion Lego elements, which is the equivalent of 62 bricks for every person on the entire planet.

Every hour 2.16 million Lego elements are molded, which is 36,000 per minute. The production method is so precise that only 18 out of every 18 million produced are considered defective.

Building Contests

If your child is into designing and building detailed pieces out of Legos, you will want to check out Toys N Bricks, a Lego news website where you can get the latest information on Legos, including upcoming contests, giveaways, and building competitions. You can sign up for their newsletter for information releases. Watch your local paper for Lego events in your area.

The Best Lego Set Display Ideas

As this guide demonstrates, Lego set display ideas are endless. We invite you to check out our other blogs for great decorating tips. Shop Melissa Vickers Design for unique products, including tote bags and zippered pouches that will make toting your child’s Legos on all your outings easy.


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